NHL Predictions 10/23

Season Record (Winning Teams): 40-32

Season Record (Full Predictions) : 2-70

Last night was a night I would like to forget, as my Crystal Ball seemed to be in opposite mode (or blurry for that matter). Jumping right into tonight:


Florida at Pittsburgh 7:30 PM

Though, most will think that Pittsburgh is due for a loss, it is doubtful that happens tonight with the Penguins hosting the Panthers in Pittsburgh. Brent Johnson will give Marc-Andre Fleury the night off, but that doesn't mean a guaranteed win for Florida. Florida needs to get the offense going, and it's something that has been a big issue this season so far. The Penguins offense will be a lot to handle for the Panthers, especially if the goalies are as flat as they were against the Sabres.

Final - Penguins 4 Panthers 2


Minnesota at St. Louis 8:00 PM

Chris Mason will get the nod and it shouldn't be that surprising. Although his numbers are not fantastic thus far, a lot of the situations he's been presented with have not been his fault. As for Minny, they look to grow of a big win at home against Colorado a few nights back. Both teams are trying to break out of funks, and I have to give the nod to the home team to have the advantage this evening.

Final - Blues 3 Wild 2


Carolina at Colorado 9:00 PM

In my opinion, this is the game of the night. Although Carolina has a struggling offense (even if they put three pucks in against the Islanders), Colorado is still a tough team to play against right now. I don't know what it is about Carolina that has made them an average, at best, team to start this season. On the other hand, I'm not sure anyone can explain the issue that has Colorado being one of the better teams in the West thus far. Either way, I'm sure seeing that the Colorado situation continues with another victory tonight.

Final - Avs 5 Canes 2

Light night, but some fun games in store. Enjoy the games!