NHL Predictions 11/10

Season Record (Winning Teams): 73-66
Season Record (Full Predictions) : 5-136

A fairly nice night on the scheulde tonight in the NHL. Unfortunately I can not give an in depth outlook on my predictions just yet. However, soon enough I will be back to normal.

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Onto tonight:

7:00 PM

Pittsburgh (12-5-0)

Boston (7-7-2)

The Penguins are losers of two straight games and a few key players to injury. The Bruins are losers to too many players going out with injuries. Thomas will stand on his head tonight, but the Penguins will shine bright in Boston.

Final - Penguins 4 Bruins 1

7:00 PM

Minnesota (6-10-0)

Toronto (3-7-5)

The "turn around" Toronto Maple Leafs? Winners of two straight, looking for a third at home tonight against the Wild who are a very confusing team this season. Can the "Monster" steal another game for the leafs?

Final - Wild 5 Leafs 4 F/OT

7:30 PM

Calgary (10-4-1)

Montreal (8-9-0)

Halak is back between the pipes for the Habs. Calgary has been pretty hot as of late, and even without Glencross (who is now suspended) they still have a balanced line up. The home crowd will hope Halak steals the show tonight.

Final - Habs 4 Flames 3

7:30 PM

Edmonton (8-8-1)

Ottawa (7-5-2)

Double D getting a start while the Bulin wall gets a break. The Sens are going with, who I like to call, the "real deal" Leclaire. Should be a fun battle up in the Canadian Capital.

Final - Sens 4 Oilers 2

8:00 PM

Vancouver (10-8-0)

St. Louis (5-6-4)

Luongo returning postponed a game? I think, since the Blues let one get away from them the other night, a big outing by Mason and company tonight will give the Blues two points.

Final - Blues 5 Canucks 3

10:30 PM

Nashville (7-7-1)

San Jose (12-4-2)

The San Jose Sharks are leading all the Power Ranking charts again this week, and are a very healthy team up front again. I can see a beating tonight in San Jose. Sharks take a big bite out of Nashville.

Final - Sharks 6 Preds 3

enjoy the night!