Top 5 goaltender fights

Aside from shootouts, and amazing goals, my favourite thing about hockey is definitely the fights. And, as we all know, there is nothing better than a good old goaltender brawl. Last night, Brent Johnson reminded us of just how excited we all get when we see goaltenders about to go at it. Whether it be a long fight or a quick blow, everyone loves to see two keepers exchange blows. This encouraged me to post my top 5 goaltender fights, some are quick, while some are long, just as some are even fights, while some are complete domination.

5) Brent Johnson vs. Rick Diepetro

-No doubt this was great to watch as we have not seen many goaltender fights in the past couple of years. Matt Cooke ran into DiPietro late in the third and his Islander teammates did not like it, tempers grew as the Islanders were losing 3-0 with only 20 seconds left in the game, punches were thrown and then the two goaltenders decided to go at it. Obviously, DiPietro left his fighting mits at home as Johnson knocked him out with one left hook to the face, it appears as though DiPietro tripped but either way, the fight lasted no time.

-Johnson beats DiPietro

4) Chris Osgood vs. Patrick Roy

-The referees decide their main concern despite all the fights occuring on the ice, is to keep Patrick Roy away from Chris Osgood, as they stop Roy is several times from going up the ice. Finally, Roy gets loose and grabs Chris Osgood. Roy hauls Osgood’s jersey up over his head, meaning he could not defend or attack against Roy as he throws several hard blows early. Osgood finally gets his right arm free, and the two exchange punches, with Osgood not hitting half as hard as Roy. Roy tries several times to haul Osgood to the ground, but it just isn’t working. Finally, Osgood pushes Roy towards the bench where Roy falls backwards and Osgood falls on top of him. The referees then break it up, as neither goalie can get a punch in.

-Roy beats Osgood.

3) Ray Emery vs. Martin Biron & Andrew Peters

-Both goaltenders decide to square off amongst all the rest of the fighting going on. The two take off to center ice and start to fight. Emery gets five straight, quick right hands on Biron as Biron tried to get away from Emery, but eventually falls to the ice. Emery decides that the fight was not enough of a challenge as he notices Sabres tough guy Andrew Peters on the ice, Peters throws the first blow at Emery, the linemen who doesn’t want the fight to occur quickly changes his mind and the fight continues. Peters continues to hammer Emery who can only connect with a few weak blows. Finally, as Peters gets a few more rights in, the referees decide to break it up.

-Emery beats Biron

-Peters beats Emery

2) Ron Hextall vs Felix Potvin

-At the final whistle of a game which saw the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1 all hell broke loose as Felix Potvin slashed Daniel LaCroix at the whistle. Wendel Clark went right after LaCroix and a huge scrum ensues. Ron Hextall didn’t like it as he charged down the ice into the Maple Leafs end after Potvin. Potvin immediately throws huge rights to the head of Hextall, while Hextall who got tangled up in his jersey returns weakened blows. Then, Hextall gives Potvin a massive blow which slowed him down. Hextall takes advantage and contines to plug away at Potvin. Potvin lowers his head and Hextall throws some bashes to the back of Potvins head. The two goalies quickly run out of gas and lean on each other, and stay there until the referees split them up.

- Both Goaltenders have an even fight, Hextall gets the better of Potvin

1) Dan Cloutier vs Tommy Salo

- A very spirited tilt between two huge rivals in the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders quickly turns ugly when a fight breaks out. Islanders goaltender Tommy Salo doesn’t like the fight as he skates over towards the players as if he is looking for someone to fight . Dan Cloutier does not like what Salo is trying to do, as he skates over and grabs Salo. Cloutier hauls Salo’s jersey up and over his head, despite Salo still wearing his mask, and starts throwing blows. Salo hopelessly tries to stand up, but theres no chance as Cloutier is completely destroying him as he continues to throw blows to his head. Cloutier has a hold of the straps of Salo’s pants which are criss crossed over his shoulders, and is dragging Salo around the ice as he is still throwing blows at him. Finally Cloutier has enough and lets go of Salo and skates away, he proceeds to the Islander bench, and taunts them, before he is escorted out of the game by the referee.

- Cloutier destroies Salo

So, there you have it. Those would be my top 5 favorite goaltender fights. Is there any better fights that you can think about which I have not included? Either of you think i've picked the wrong winners in either fight? Hope not, or I will get Dan Cloutier after you.

Adam Reid


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Last night was so epic. The video is on the site like 3 times lol. Nothing beats a good old fashioned goalie fight.

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I agree, George. Goaltender fights are amazing! It sucks that referees try to stop it, as I discovered they tried to in most of the videos I found. Goaltenders shoud be allowed to go at it just as much as players. If a fight can bring a team to its feet, and make them play better, then imagen what a goaltender fight does.Give them a fighting major, and let them stay in the game! It would seriously help a goaltender, and a team playing bad change direction in my opinion.

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Not exactly a goalie fight, but the goalies are fighting in this one -

I was at that game, and I have to say it's one of the most exciting things I've ever seen. I do believe that Emery and Little eventually squared off, but I'm not positive.

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Kmart, thats actually hilarious! I'm almost positive i've seen this somewhere else, also involving the Philadelphia Phantoms goaltender, I believe it was against the Manchester Monarchs, but I cannot find it!

-Kyle, that Vernon and Roy fight is nuts! I can't believe I could not find that one, thats the kind of goaltender fights I like, where the goalies are going toe to toe with each other, exchanging huge blows. It sucks how the referees tried so hard to seperate Snow and Shields so much, as we could tell from what happened by the bench, it would be an amazing fight.

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One thing I would question is, no doubt it fires up your team if the goaltender fights, and also, it would no doubt fire up the goaltender as it would give him a boost of confidence, but would a coach let his goaltender fight, if fighting was actually aloud?

- For example, I found a fight where Tomas Vokoun went against Miikka Kiprusoff. Kiprusoff struggles early in the season a lot lately. If you were Brent Sutter, would you let Kiprusoff fight while he was in a slump, to try to break out of it early, or would you hold off not wanting to risk injury.