Flying Orr Grinder Threads Shirt

Ever wonder where our official TCL store shirt ideas come from? 

Well, you're in luck. This is the first of a series of posts taking a closer look at the  Grinder Threads Fall/Winter Hockey T-Shirt Collection. We're pulling back the curtains to provide a glimpse at the culmination of steps that result in the TCL gear in your closet. In our first installment, we'll be diving into the creation of the Flying Orr design.


Inspiration for the Flying Orr design, while it would appear obvious enough, actually sparked from the 2010-2011 HBO 24/7 series chronicling the Pens vs Caps Winter Classic. At the conclusion of the four part series - in what can only be described as a truly poetic summary of the game - a particular line single-handedly defined the uniqueness, history, and marvel of our sport. 

"Hockey won't hold still for a portrait...."

(See below for a video of the final scene, or a written version here)




With the 'hockey won't hold still for a portrait' prose as a backdrop, the next step was defining a tangible visual that would tie into the concept. Hockey is a game of inches, seconds, and moments frozen in time.  And before long it wasn't hard to land on a metaphor to define the idea. 

Forty seconds into overtime on May 10, 1970 - Bobby Orr carved across the ice slipping a series winning golden goal past goalie Glenn Hall. Ending a near three decade long Cup slump for 'Beantown', the 'Orr Goal' became one of the most infamous moments in Stanley Cup history.




Once the concept is locked, the fun part Working with the mind boggling talents of our lead designer a series of sketches, revisions and digital fine tuning begins. Ideas become reality and the vision takes shape.


If you've ever got your paws on a Grinder Threads shirt, hopefully you'll agree that we are absolutely ruthless when it comes to quality. For the Flying Orr shirt, we chose arguably our finest 'tri-blend' cut. Ridiculously soft - a result of the Cotton/Polyester/Rayon combination - the final touches include an itch-free printed neck tag and hand sewn hem tag at the bottom of the shirt.

 And with that, "Flying Orr" was born. 


Want to see one in the flesh? Head over to the official TCL shop and BUY IT HERE...


George Prax's picture

Unfortunately I have too much pride as a Habs fan to wear this, but boy am I tempted. Great job Adam Smile

Adam Runquist's picture problem. I knew the Boston element would infringe on your allegiance:)

Phil T's picture

Great looking shirt but as George said I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it (: