Original Six Grinder Threads Shirt

This is the second post in our ‘behind the design’ series, taking a close look at the Grinder Threads Fall/Winter Hockey T-Shirt Collection. Like our first post on the Flying Orr design, we’re pulling back the curtains to provide an insider look at the Original Six hockey shirt



Hockey is governed by a deep seeded code of honor, respect, and blue collar work ethic. While many professional sports have been tainted with candy-coated commercialization and detached athletes, hockey has managed to stay pretty consistent to its roots.

The ‘Original Six’ shirts (in blue & black) are rooted in this tradition. From 1942 to 1967, a small brethren of warriors graced the ice to define the foundation of pro hockey as we know it today.  Fueled by courage over safety and heart over compensation, the 'Original Six' built a sport upon their backs and defined the role of hockey players in the process.  


The design aesthetic for the Original Six was captured from some of the core elements seen in the jerseys of the era. Punchy jersey numbering and texture, pennant flags, and script fonts all pull together to add a vintage feel to the design.




For the Original Six shirt, we chose another one of our ridiculously soft blended materials. An even balance of 50% cotton/50% polyester gives a super soft feel and the waterbased inks blend the design right into the shirt, adding to the vintage texture.  As always, the shirts are tied together with custom hem tags sewn at the bottom of the shirt and screen printed, itch free neck tags.  



 And with that, the “Original Six Hockey Shirt” was born. 


Want to see one in the flesh? Head over to the shop and BUY IT HERE at the official TCL Shop.


George Prax's picture

Outside of the TCL shirt I think this might be my favorite Grinder shirt. Love the design.