Roy's Next Move

Though I write about the Canucks, I could not get enough of this story. Former Canadiens goaltender and NHL Hall of famer, Patrick Roy, has told reporters that if any proposals came up for a coaching job, he would listen to the offers.  Brian Raiger takes a look at a few teams where the great #33 could possibly go, and could make a positive impact.

Montreal Canadiens - This is going to be my number one choice for a few reasons. We all know that Jacques Martin was fired by the Habs, making Randy Cunneyworth the interim head coach. Let’s say we let Cunneyworth play out this season, and at the end of the year Pierre Gauthier calls up Patty Roy.  Roy has told reporters that he WOULD in fact listen to the Canadiens proposal. Ever since his jersey retirement, it seems like Roy and the Habs have been reconnecting and rebuilding their relationship. I can see Roy coming back to the Habs organization – whether it is with Hamilton (AHL), or an assistant coach in Montreal, it makes the most sense that he would stay in Quebec and once again, be a part of the bleu blanc et rouge.

Colorado Avalanche – The Avs were the only other team mentioned in Roy’s  comments.  It makes sense to be a part of the Avs organization - he had tons of success there, was a fan favorite, and became one of the faces of the franchise.  Current head coach, Joe Sacco, has been with the club since 2009, and in his 164 games, has a record of 73-74-7-1 (a .445 winning percentage), as well as going 2-4 in the playoffs (.333 winning percentage). Let’s pretend that Sacco gets canned this year and Roy takes the job in Colorado.  This would help the team move in a solid direction and help GM Greg Sherman build the team from the net out. Roy would not just be a great leader on the bench, but he would help mentor Semyon Varlamov and make him a true starting goaltender. Though he has a good relationship with the Avs, I think Sacco will be the bench boss for a while, but Roy could come in as an assistant or down to Lake Erie (AHL).

Los Angeles Kings – Though there are multiple reports about the Kings hiring Darryl Sutter, let’s just think of some opportunities. With Roy as the main man, combined with current goaltending coach Bill Ranford, LA’s goaltending would be even more impressive (Ranford has already done a hell of a job with these Quick and Bernier).  Roy (or any LA coach) would not have to worry about rebuilding, and could make a serious playoff run. With the success of Roy’s playoff runs in his career, he could use that as a reference for the Kings, and help them stay calm and cool during a run. But like I said in the beginning, this is not likely since LA will be going with Sutter, but you never know.

Personally, I think he will do something similar to former Columbus Blue Jackets assistant coach, Bob Boughner.  He will take an assistant coaching job close to home in Quebec City – so he will go to Montreal. I believe Patrick Roy will have success in the NHL as an assistant coach for 2 years and then be offered a head coaching job. If you want to read the article that inspired this post, click here.

Till next time, cheers

-Brian Raiger


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So though he was signed to LA, Sutter will be introduced this week

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I don't see Roy as the type to settle for an assistant or AHL job. The guy has an ego the size of Geoff Molson's wallet. I can't see him playing second fiddle to anyone. If he goes anywhere it's as a head coach.

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I was going to say the same, why leave a team he owns (I think) to be a coach of an AHL team? The Q is probably better for a coach anyway, and one with his playing credentials, he would want to be the lead guy. For the record, Roy is my least favourite player. Followed closely by Ericsson.

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It will be interesting to see what happens this off-season, especially with Montreal.