Better With Popcorn: Fall Sports Games Preview


It's that time of year again. The latest round of sports games is about to hit store shelves, mostly from publisher Electronic Arts, and Better With Popcorn will be on top of all of them. TCL and BWP contributor Russell Dornisch has your preview of all the upcoming titles, from Madden 12 to what will certainly be interesting to TCL readers, NHL 12.

Will you be spending money on the latest editions of all your favorite sports games? Have they changed enough from last year's games to warrant an investment? BWP will help you figure all of this out, with our look at what's coming out this fall.

Check out a preview of the article below for NHL 12, and head over to Better With Popcorn for the full article, which includes previews for FIFA 12 and Madden 12 as well!




NHL 12

NHL 12 is a highly anticipated game, however with 2K sports being out of the business of hockey games for a while, EA has kinda slacked on a great franchise. For some reason, this year just hasn't got me excited for this game. A lot of the newest additions have to do with the new physics, which make the goalies live for the first time ever. This is a much needed addition, but other than that a lot of the things being added have been featured in older versions of the game.



Be a pro mode has been extended so that you can play your whole Junior career and then move onto the NHL via the draft. While franchise mode has gotten a few upgrades as well. New AI, better trading, retired jerseys, and a few more, but not too much added either.

It seems that the secret mode that was just announced was what the creators spent the most time on: Legends. So it looks like they are making the ability to bring back Legends players for all the modes in the game. So far Gretzky, Borque, Chelios, Salming, Roy, Roenick, and Yzerman have been revealed with two more still to reveal.

Here's the latest video preview from EA:




Once again, head over to Better With Popcorn for more info and coverage!


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Yzerman in NHL 12 is sick. Even though I love Tampa, he should NEVER be in one of their uniforms.

George Prax's picture

Ya the legends are a pretty cool addition but I'm not sure whether it's enough for me to shell out full price for a game, when I have about 6 or 7 other games that I need to buy during the rest of 2011 lol. If I get any of them it's likely to be FIFA.

Matthew Brigidi's picture

I'm still hoping that some day we'll get real goalie mask art work and Stanley Cup Final patches on the jerseys. I saw in the Lemieux Legends video that he had one on, but They're shown that in pictures last year and the graphics were missing. I am excited that the AI will have anticipation. I'm tired of having to manually turn players up ice will hoping my defensive AI will follow through with chasing the puck. the NHL franchise is literally the only video game I play so I'm gonna get it regardless

Frank Leppar's picture

NHL games are always real nice, but I just can't stick to them for some reason. Tiger Woods on the other hand, I play that game nonstop. The addition of the Master's Tournament was very nice, hopefully they can get the PGA Championship next year. I wouldn't put it light years above the previous years title, but it's most certainly a vast improvement. The extra courses are costly - I think I'm in about $100 bucks for the game thus far, but I've gotten that much entertainment outta it. I can blow $100 in a casino in a matter of an hour so - worth the investment.

Benjamin J. Rosado's picture

In addition to the new goalie physics, goal scoring is going to be more contingent on creating screens and being more authentically offensive on the attack. For example, in previous NHL games you could cut the crease and shoot into the slot to score rather easily. I don't think scoring goals will be as easy as 11 but opens new doors for strategy.

George Prax's picture

They promise more authentic goalscoring every year and all they really give us is closing one loophope and creating another. I didn't play 11 but NHL 10 was incredibly hard to score in other than a couple of loopholes and I don't think that's fun. They need to find a proper solution to that.