Watch The Red Band Trailer For "Goon"

You don't have to venture too far down the blog archive here at The Checking Line to figure out that fighting is perennially a hot topic, not only among our writers and readers, but the hockey community as a whole.

For better or for worse, and no matter how many of us end up wanting it out of the game, fighting is a part of hockey, and it definitely ends up being one of the bigger talking points and selling points for the sport. Not a week, nay, a day goes by without a fight video of note. People love that stuff.

Hockey's marriage with fighting goes back a long time, but it may have peaked in the late 70s, thanks, in part, to the legendary movie "Slap Shot", starring Paul Newman, which has really resonated with fans, even 35 years after it was made.

But as good as Slap Shot was and still is, it's needless to say that the film is a little bit dated. There has definitely been a void left to fill in the hockey fighter movie genre. 

Notable Canadians Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg have set out to fill that void with "Goon", the upcoming hockey movie starring Sean William Scott, along with Baruchel, Alison Pill, as well as Liev Shriever.

The film tells the story of a bouncer, who defies the odds and leads a team of semi-pro misfits to hockey glory, beating the crap out of anyone and anything that stands in his way. 

Check out the red band trailer for the film below:


Goon is set to hit theaters on March 30th from Magnet Releasing, but you can catch it on  Video on Demand as early as February 24th. In the meantime, check out the film's official facebook and official website, and make sure to check it out just in time for the NHL playoffs next year!
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Haha this actually looks pretty decent, I'm always skeptical about hockey movies but this look funny

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This doesn't look all that great. That being said, I like Scott, and it seems they have some things about hockey somewhat accurate (and it can't be worse than that stupid hockey musical), so I will probably give it a shot.