Joel Ward ought to watch what he says on the radio

Joel Ward is a lot of things. 

Professional. Gritty. Feisty.

Add 'brutally honest' to that list. 

As reported by Puck Daddy, Ward talked about his offseason in a recent interview with 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. There were threats made against him because of his game seven overtime winner against the Boston Bruins. He also underwent surgery to correct a sports hernia.

He got a little lonely.

"I was a single male laying in bed like that, I figured I'd try to relieve myself a little bit. Well, sure enough I got a nerve that kinda connect from my seeds up to my scarring that slowly prevents me from relieving myself."

"... It was like a dog-choker, just like a zap -- zoop."

"...So of course I panicked and called the doc. He's like 'You just had surgery, come on.'"

There are two things to take away from this little snippet of the interview: seeds and zap -- zoop. 


It almost makes him worth the $3 million that the Caps paid him last season and the $9 million they owe him over the next three years.

Aw hell, no it doesn't.

Here's to hoping that Ward heals fully barring any further self-inflicted setbacks. And that he doesn't stink again next season.

Perhaps Ward will also learn a lesson: There are just some things you don't admit to people, much less to potentially hundreds or thousands of people.

Or while being recorded.

It'll come back to you.

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