Garth Should Pay The Fans Back Not IOC

The 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia officially closed today and that only means one thing, the NHL is back in session.  It has been a long 2 weeks of having to wake up early and sometimes sneaking around work just to get the hockey fix in while all of the league stars were playing for their respective countries.  It has been 2 weeks filled with joy, disappointment, anxiety, and some all around exciting play, but it is great to have 7pm games back (yes, even as an Islander fan).

The Olympics are a melting pot for speculation and criticism for all sports, but hockey may have drawn the loudest outrage throughout.  Members of NHL front offices, NHL beat writers, and NHL fans have been outspoken about many issues have to do with the games, but many of the arguments become ridiculous after you hear the full story. 

Unfortunately many of the silly disputes have hit too close to home as Garth Snow made his name known throughout the New York newspapers and sports talk show stations by questioning if the IOC would reimburse all of the Islanders season ticket holders after a season ending injury to John Tavares’ knee.  This is a great quote and as a season ticket holder the gesture is greatly appreciated, too bad this was just done to make a headline.  Maybe Garth should look at himself in the mirror and figure out a way to pay back all of the loyal Islander fans because if an injury to one player makes you throw in the towel on the season than that a direct indictment on the individual that makes personnel decisions.  Oh and Garth, that’s you!

Garth’s anger about JT is also comical in that fact that he was irate that the 2nd leading scorer on the team, Kyle Okposo, didn’t make Team USA.  I’m sure the quote that he would have said if both of his top stars got injured in Sochi would’ve been hilariously sad.

The Islanders season is over and the Tavares injury is just another kick to the stomach for a fan base that is used to it.  Rather than just complaining about the Olympic situation or pulling his best flip flopping politician impersonation, Garth Snow should be on the committee to try and come up with a solution to the Olympic hockey problems.

For now, with days until the biggest fire sale trade deadline for the Islanders in awhile, Snow and his front office should be focusing all of the time and energy on what their return for guys like Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald will be.


-Chad DeCarlo

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CBones22's picture

I am excited to see what Garth can get in return for Vanek and MacDonald.