Tavares Injury Could Cause Chaos In Isles Nation

The Captain, the savior, the heart and soul of the franchise, John Tavares, is currently the topic of many hockey fans.  Islanders’ fans across the New York area are collectively holding their breath as they await the results of an MRI that is scheduled to take place tomorrow in Sochi.

Bob McKenzie of TSN tweeted this afternoon that the “sense out of Sochi is it’s not good” regarding Tavares’ leg injury.  It has not been confirmed yet, but many outlets are reporting the ailment more specifically to be a knee injury.  Arthur Staple of Newsday went a step further to say that it “could be multiple ligament damage”.

This is devastating news for an organization with such high hopes after a good season last year but the Islanders have just not caught a break this season.  If McKenzie and Staple’s reports are proven accurate, then this massive blow will be the proverbial cherry on top of this abysmal 2013-14.

This injury will be sure to strengthen the argument of the opponents to NHLer’s playing in the Olympics.  Injuries and shutting the NHL down for over 2 weeks are the biggest reasons for opposition and it will be interesting to see what will happen in 4 years from now. 

As for Tavares, it’s an unfortunate event that happened to the best player the franchise has seen in a long time.  JT was practically invisible in his Olympic debut as he averaged just over 10 minutes a game with no points and 6 shots in 4 games.  He gladly took a back seat to some of the best players in the league even though there aren’t many that have been better than him over the past couple of seasons.

Tavares is a strong, confident player that undoubtedly will work his way back to be stronger then ever no matter what the severity is.  Isn’t it just Islanders luck that what seemed to be a very pedestrian hit along the boards could turn out to change the organizations personnel make up dramatically over the 2 weeks before the trade deadline. 


-Chad DeCarlo

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