Steven Kampfer answers Twitter Q&A

The Bruins defenseman invited questions from his followers during his flight and answered them all in 140 characters or less.

@smiley_horts: who was your #1 hockey idol growing up?
@SteveKampfer47: has to be Nick Lidstrom. Guy is amazing.
@rennoceralc: who is your favorite team to play against?
@SteveKampfer47: Big fan of playing Tampa and Detroit.
@elamja2: who is the best fighter on the bruins? What's your coffee?
@SteveKampfer47: we have a lot of good fighters. hazelnut coffee.
@Kayleen5: so then what is your favorite quality in a girl Steve?
@SteveKampfer47: the smile. Can't fake it.
@SteveyB84: who do you think is your biggest competition in the east next season?
@SteveKampfer47: Always have to earn your spot. Never safe.
@JayMisterE: what music do you listen to before a game to get you amped?
@SteveKampfer47: I have a variety I listen too. Mostly pop.
@KeslerCrosby: what are your pre-game snacks?
@SteveKampfer47: My moms banana bread. Pure gold.
@kcusolito: favorite motivational saying?
@SteveKampfer47: there is always someone better than you out there so work hard to catch them.
@CMDragonia: what's your favorite restaurant in boston to go to?
@SteveKampfer47: Abe and Louies and Massiminos.
@ejb68610: why #47... Whats your favorite number?
@SteveKampfer47: 47 was given to me. I like it. Favorite number 5 or 21.
@CourtneyDunagan: If you could play with any player past or current.
@SteveKampfer47: Peter Forsberg he's always been my favorite player.
@mikeregan8: What was your favorite game you've ever played?
@SteveKampfer47: My first game or the game I scored my first goal.
@SOURCE_FRIAS: ... The feeling you had at the parade.
@SteveKampfer47: The parade was amazing. Boston did a great job with it.
@hayleyyy94: what's your favorite tv-show?
@SteveKampfer47: Tough. Depends on the time of year. I have about 5 shows.
@jwelch19: what was it like winning the stanley cup and raising it over your head?
@SteveKampfer47: It was every kid who plays hockeys dream.
@chellexx08: what do you miss most about home when youre in boston?
@SteveKampfer47: Family and really close friends. They are the best.
@ReeseSMC: what's your go to karaoke song?
@SteveKampfer47: Personal question haha. Depends on what music I'm into at the time haha.
@hco4422: seeing your teammates expression on his facing handing him the cup?
@SteveKampfer47: It was amazing knowing what we did.
@ib_9: what's your favorite goal celebration?
@SteveKampfer47: Z when he scored his hat trick. That was really funny.
@Ulmertowne: What's your favourite Bruins jersey of all time?
@SteveKampfer47: The gold one with the Bruin on the front of it.
@ComfortableDan: what was your first ever job?
@SteveKampfer47: Painting cylinders at my dad and uncles office. I hated every moment of it.
@Oh_My_Looch: did you like your beard?
@SteveKampfer47: No it was absolutely disgusting. But I'll grow one every year!
@JaJamania: sniz vs flyers greatest goal of your life?
@SteveKampfer47: Definitely up there. Hopefully many more like that though.
@Shannon_Boggs: least favorite song or artist that gets played in the locker room.
@SteveKampfer47: We listened to a varity so it never got old.
@draino1087: favorite pre-game meal?
@SteveKampfer47: Honestly probably 3 scrambled eggs, fruit, a bagel with peanut butter and milk.
@ReeseSMC: have you taken off the starfish pinnie yet? #TooPersonalAgain?
@SteveKampfer47: No rock that daily in the Diag @stoolpresidente.
@theshield8: what was your favorite moment at michigan.
@SteveKampfer47: I loved Michigan but my senior year was amazing.
@jillboc: will The Cup make an appearance at Rick's American Cafe?
@SteveKampfer47: Love the thought but no it won't. Going other places.
@KMAleksiewicz: what's your 2nd most fav sport to play??
@SteveKampfer47: Either golf or baseball. I enjoy them both.
@ajmahoney77: How do you train during the off season?
@SteveKampfer47: Didn't change a thing just train longer and harder with @BarwisMethods.
@erinc827: where's your favorite place to go on vacation?
@SteveKampfer47: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Palm trees and beaches. Amazing.
@bruins_girl19: favorite restaurant?
@SteveKampfer47: In Ann Arbor, Afternoon Delight and brown jug. Boston check earlier tweets.
@sarahesoltan: thoughts on NCAA hockey's shuffling of the conferences?
@SteveKampfer47: it will be interesting to see. I'm optimistic.
@MBrooks20: Who's your biggest mentor?
@SteveKampfer47: Z and Seids are big mentors of mine. Also, my assistant coach at Michigan. Billy Powers.
@ClarkleSparkle: what do you miss most about Boston while you're at home?
@SteveKampfer47: They guys, hockey and the city.
@hockey_kid18: what was your favorite part of playing in the NHL?
@SteveKampfer47: You said it right in your tweet. That's the best part.


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Gotta love how he avoids direct answers to questions like "Who's the team to beat in the East?"