All But Done


First off, before this rant ensues, I must give a truckload of credit to the Flyers.  They have asserted themselves as the dominant force. They have made every play, won every race, and finished every shift since period 2 of game 1.  They have not backed down, they have not given in, and they damn sure have not played like playoff rookies.  Kudos to all of those kids who have been disciplined, who have been smart, and who have played like aged veterans. Now….

What can be said? I am embarrassed as a Penguin fan.  From top to bottom this team has lost.  They have lost their heart, their identity, and their dignity. At this point it is just ridiculous; I am done with this crap.  There will be changes, there will be heads rolling, and this penguin team will not look the same.

Neal taking runs at players was classless and completely unnecessary.  Malkin has points, but has just been awful.  Fleury has been a no show and his D isn’t doing anything to help.

The only positives that I can take from this series are that Jordan Staal, Sidney Crosby, and Matt Cooke have been consistent.

 Crosby had a weak game offensively but has played better defensively.  He played a chippy game, getting into scrums and even taking on Giroux.  It was not much, but it was what a captain is supposed to do. He has become himself again and with injury trouble early in his career, seeing this is all a fan could ask for.

Cooke has been calm, physical, and yet, clean.  His transformation is complete as even in this series, he hasn’t done anything to warrant even a phone call.

Staal has been strong down low, powerful along the boards, and tough defensively.  He is playing his game, while others are not. 

Wednesday might be the end of an era with Pittsburgh.  Changes will have to be made and it will not be easy.  Priorities are still the same, win, but not with this current club.  It has become all too obvious who might be or will be gone, but that article is for another day. 

I will say that I am sorry as well.  Sorry to the fans of the game, because this is not hockey.  This is not the pens, this is not my team.  They lack heart, they lack poise, they lack desire, but most of all they lack identity.  Game 4 is going to be tough, but the inevitable loss of this series will make the offseason even tougher.