To act in a way of overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner towards inferiors.

Is there a more appropriate term to accurately describe the overall demeanor of the Pittsburgh Penguins in this Eastern Conference Quarter Final? No.

The term does not describe someone who boasts, talks, or brags towards their superiority, but to one that acts in this manner. The Pittsburgh Penguins have manifested themselves to be the most arrogant team in all of hockey.  

They have, on multiple occasions, displayed their arrogance throughout the season. They coasted through victories in which they scored at will, only to allow teams to punish their goaltending in the process. They would almost refuse to play teams who did not resemble a worthy fight, which led to a 23-3 record against playoff teams but a terrible record against none playoff opponents.

This was supposed to be the team that righted the ship from last season. After a series as devastatingly bad as one can remember, the Pittsburgh Penguins were outclassed by a team not known for being “classy”. They had their respective asses handed to them on a silver platter at the hands of none other than the Philadelphia Flyers. In a nightmarish déjà vu the Penguins once again find themselves being outclassed by a team that wants to win more than anything.

This New York Islanders team has used their speed and their tenacity to take away time and space. They have forced the arrogant Penguins to skate, to play catch up, and to actually play hockey. The arrogance of this club was manifested wholly when in the dying seconds of Game 4 the Penguins started a small brawl in the defensive zone.

The Penguins, the so called favorite to win the Stanley Cup via Vegas odds, has once again imploded amongst their own arrogance. They refuse to play any resemblance of a hard working game. They allow opportunities to come to them before the pounce.

Their deadly power play in the first three games was terrible in game 4. Why? The answer is once again arrogance. Their play while a man up in this game was lazy. They expected goals and opportunity to come to them without seemingly having to fight back.

To be completely honest here, I have only recognized a handful of players who have not shown this arrogance. Surprisingly one is Matt Cooke, who despite getting a few reputation based penalties, has been playing very well. The other few include Paul Martin, Craig Adams, and Brendan Morrow. Other than that, this team is in trouble. Sometimes you have to sit a guy, or change up lines in order to send a message. For this club, you might as well just take them out back and beat them with a blunt object.

I did not mean to remove the Islanders great play from this rant, for it is their strong play that has forced out this side of the Penguins.

Expect Vokoun to start game 5.