So Long Timmy: Bruins Trade Thomas To Islanders

A year ago today, if you told any Boston Bruins fan that Tim Thomas would be traded to the New York Islanders, they'd call you crazy and throw a cheap beer in your all fairness it doesn't take much to get a Bostonian to throw a beer.

But that is what we heard today. The Vezina winning, Conn Smyth toting, brick wall of a beast who led the Bruins to an epic Cup run in 2010-2011, is heading down the Long Island Expressway.  The Bruins traded Thomas for a conditional second round pick in either 2014 or 2015.  The condition being if Thomas doesn't play for the Islanders or they don't trade his rights, the B's don't get the pick.  A second round pick might not sound so great but I think Patrice Bergeron (45th overall) and David Krejci (63rd overall) would disagree.

However, dumping Thomas is worth more to the Bruins than the second round pick anyway.  With Timmy out the door, the B's get $5 million back in cap space which is huge, especially with the new restrictions on the CBA.  The Islanders also win here, regardless if Thomas even steps foot in Uniondale.  They needed to be over the salary cap floor by Friday so as not to be out of cap compliance.  Also, rumor has it they will be featured on A&E's "Hoarders" for their collection of useless goalies.

I could spend all eveing reminding you of all of Thomas' accomplishments and I am not going to take away from the amazing season he had in 2010-2011 with the Bruins, he is a HUGE, HUGE reason why they won a Cup.  Unfortunately, his behavior post Cup rivals his accomplishments. 

It all started with his refusal to appear at the White House, with the team, to be honored by the President.  At the time I tweeted that it was extremely selfish of him not to go, that this was a day to honor American hockey and America's #1 hockey player, Tim Thomas. It was not a day about individual politics but about the team and the Bruins won the Cup because they acted as a team.  I was called a communist, told to return to my socialist country, basically every evil name in the book over this comment.  I knew then that something was up with Thomas, he started to make everything about himself, if he didn't agree with the President, fine, don't go even...but do not use this Championship and this opportunity to climb up on a soapbox and preach YOUR politics. Politely decline and keep your mouth shut. Then came the Facebook rants...random Bible excerpts and bizarre monologues...followed by the Chick-fil-a incident. Honestly, I could care less about a player's politics, just play the friggin game!

Then finally, Bruins fans saw...the man we honored and worshiped, a man who had one of the greatest goalie seasons in NHL history was gone. When he took off to a bunker in Colorado and refused to play in 2012-2013 to concentrate on "The three F's: Friends, Family and Faith", we knew it was over. Tim Thomas was not about the Bruins, he was about Tim Thomas.

It is a little sad to finally see him go, but any real Bruins fan should be pleased with this trade.  Yes, its the end of an era, which unfortunately had a bitter ending, but Old Yeller needed to be taken out back and we need to be brave and accept it. 

$5 million is a lot of money and who knows, maybe Thomas will play again and the Bruins will get that pick and in three years we'll be chanting "Thank you Thomas". But in the meanwhile, grab a beer and some cheeseburgers, search "Tim Thomas Highlights" on youtube and sit back and watch one of the greats in all his glory.

Here's to the good times big guy!  Thanks for the banner.