The Future: This Season/PAD: Mike Brown

This season the Leafs will try and end their playoff drought, and this seems to be the year to do it.

We have focused on the Leafs main components of their team, Defense, Goaltending, Forwards, Management and The Marlies. Throughout this we broke down and tried to find the Leafs weakness for this upcoming season. Turns out (This is a shocker) that the Leafs forwards will be the teams weakness.

In order to make the playoffs this upcoming season the Leafs need to play a defensive game, and feed off their defensive strengths. I'm just going to throw this out there but, why not get rid of Keith Acton, and see if Hitchcock is willing to leave the Blue Jackets to take a coaching job in Toronto and do what Nonis does to Burke, use his strengths to help the team.

Acton really doesn't do much as a coach, he's more of the coach that comforts the players that get yelled at, and really just stands there, all the time. So why not bring in a defensive specialist (coach-wise that is) to help out the team for the better? Hitch's defensive mind and Wilson's offensive mind would only create and unstoppable force that will rule the world! Ok maybe not that powerful, but it will only do good.

Back to this season, the Leafs need to get a 3rd line center, as John Mitchell, won't cut it. Mitchell is a decent 5th center but not a starter. I like Tim Brent, but would rather Morrison if he fails his PTO in Vancouver.

Mike Brown:

Mike Brown was acquired at the NHL Entry Draft by Leafs GM Brian Burke for a 5th Round Pick. What started as a minor acquisition for the Leafs brass and its fans, has turned into a steal.

So far Brown has impressed everybody, and I'm sure Colton Orr is willing to give Burke one of his paychecks for bring this tough guy in.

Not only does Brown bring some backup for Orr, he brings some speed to the bottom 6 as well, and for a big guy, that's even more impressive.

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