Leafs and Devs May Talk

Now that the summer of Kovalchuk is finally over, and Kovy's contract is accepted and now his cap hit is in effect, the Devils are over the cap.

So The Devils need to move someone...

Patrick Elias
Jamie Langenbrunner
Bryce Salvader
Dainius Zubrus

One or Two of thses playeers need to leave. There's a couple of teams that would be willing to take on some cap for the Devils. Including the Maple Leafs.

I'm sure Brian Burke will be talking to Lou about a possible deal, likely based around one of the top two names. The Leafs are short on cap space themselves so a player like Mikhail Grabovski or Jeff Finger would need to go the other way in a deal for Elias, while for Langenbrunner maybe Fredrik Sjostrom and John Mitchell go the other way to take about 1.5 off of the cap gained by the Leafs, then Jeff Finger goes to the minors to balence the rest.

Now i'm not saying anything will happen, it's just that the cards seem to match up. The Leafs are willing to gain cap, while the Devils need to lose cap. Not to mention there are many ways to get a deal done.

The Devils cap problems could be as easy as sending Salvador or Zubrus to the minors (ala Mogilny a couple years ago)

I will be posting an announcement of a new feature I will be doing tommorow. It's a nice feature to follow up the "The Future" feature.

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