A familiar face behind Chicoutimi's bench...

The Q is feelin' a little like '93 these days.

Photo: sagueneens.com

It was made official on Monday that Guy Carbonneau is set to make his return to coaching. The Chicoutimi Saguenéens held a press conference this evening in which it was announced that Carbonneau will be taking over from fired bench boss Richard Martel, vacating his spot as governor of the team in the process, as Marc Desforges is set to take over that role. Carbo's first game as head coach is set to take place Wednesday, as the Val d'Or Foreurs will be the hosts starting at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Carbonneau specified that Martel was not fired so that he could take over, nor that the status quo was permanent--"it will allow us more time to evaluate possible candidates. [...] I will close out this season and the playoffs and we will evaluate everything from there. Between now and then, a lot of things can happen." He also said that he was not part of the probable succession options at the original time of the coaching change but rather that "the situation has since evolved, which is why I'm here."

Taking over general managing duties until the end of the current season is Jos Canale. Marc-Étienne Hubert, who had taken over behind the bench in the interim period before the announcement, had maintained a spotless record of 3-0 and will be able to continue on as part of Carbonneau's staff. Goaltending coach Marc Denis will also see his role increase within the team.

The Sags' upcoming roadtrip may be in Abitibi, but what most fans want to know is when a specific rivalry will be renewed----with an interesting twist. Carbonneau will face his former teammate Patrick Roy and the Québec Remparts this upcoming March 9th at the Colisée Pepsi before switching venues just nine days later when the rematch will take place at the Centre Georges-Vézina.

More information about Monday night's press conference (in French) can be found at sagueneens.com.


George Prax's picture

Really happy for Carbo. I legitimately think this will lead to another head coach job in the NHL. Good for him to learn how to deal with kids again.

Do you know if he's going to stop being on RDS or will he still split time?

czechtacular's picture

I haven't read much about RDS, just that Marc Denis is still going to be there when he can, LOL, so I'm guessing....no. I don't picture him having enough time to do both, but who knows for sure? Shock