Eastern Hockey vs. Western Hockey

While taking a break from working on the first segment of my new blog series, I was watching some NHL highlights from last night. I noticed something... Western conference teams seem to garner more excitement than Eastern conference teams. Honestly, i've always thought that the Western teams in general, play a better game, and ice a more competitive team than a lot of Eastern teams. I have put a lot of thought into the question... and I can't answer it, I really don't think anyone can. For some reason, it just happens.

But i've just given myself another question... why, when Bobby Ryan gets a penalty shot in a game between two of the teams that usually sit quiet and you don't hear a lot about... does the crowd go wild compared to an overtime goal between two of the most talked about NHL teams, Pittsburgh and Toronto?

As a fan of Toronto... this isn't a complaint. This is merely continuing to try and find an answer to a question that I have exhausted to many other people. If this was Capitals-Islanders, or Blues-Thrashers... there'd be no difference. Just for the life of me, I cannot figure these questions out:

Why, do Western teams play a better game?
Why, do Western teams garner more excitement?

These are questions that will probably have no answer. It's all about opinion, but maybe opinions are the only answer?

Leave your thoughts guys... i'd be really interested to see what you think!

Daniel Woolridge.


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I don't think the West plays a "better" game really, things are just tighter and the mentality is on physical hockey, whereas in the East you're more likely to see a more skillful game, which in turn means less "excitement" from a physical hockey standpoint. In the East there are an incredible amount of gimme games when a top team faces a low team, but in the west, even if a team you play against loses 9 out of 10 games, any team can beat any other team on any given night.

Things are starting to even out I think, but there's still more of a separation between the great teams, the good teams, and the bad teams in the East, whereas in the west every game seems to be a must win for every team.