Leafs Trade Rumors Heat Up

I've been reading up on some Eklund rumors, and some of the other bigger rumor/hockey blog sites for the past little while, and have noticed a few interesting ideas.

First off, i'd like to say...

For the love of Christ, move Thomas Kaberle. Although he's one of my favorite Leafs, great 50 point defenceman, a character guy... he's not fitting. Not to mention Leafs' Nation owes it to him to accept that we have scrutinized every part of his career and should respect what he's done enough to let the man free from the media attention and go to a contender.

Here's a list of the players I have heard that could potentially be on the move:

LW Kris Versteeg (doubt he'll move)
D Thomas Kaberle (great chance of moving)
D Mike Komisarek (doubtful because of play and salary)
D Francois Beauchemin (good chance)
G J.S Giguere (depending on circumstances)

I've also read a few interesting things about players back to the Leafs'...

First, I read the Leafs' are in the midst of working on a deal that would be helping out a team with significant cap problems... taking on the player (apparently exspensive top 6 forward), and also getting a 1st in 2011/3rd in 2012.

The only candidates for this kind of trade I can think of that fit the criteria are the Devils, Bruins, Blackhawks.

The Devils are in need of space to bring back Parise. But the exspensive top 6 forward? I can't see the Leafs' taking an Arnott, a Zubrus, a Rolston? Not a chance. Nor can I see them giving up anytime draft picks, anytime soon. Doubt anything will be done here.

The Blackhawks, to me, are the most likely partners. With cap space nowhere to be found on this team, a dump seems quite likely. This goes along with a rumor I read the other day, saying that the Leafs' could potentially be interested in young centerman, David Bolland. Bolland is making 3.375m a year, and not playing a significant role. Leading one to believe that he might be moved? Or maybe even Patrick Sharp? There are a few more underlying factors here... in that the Blackhawks first round pick isn't destined to be very high, and they are popular in the market for a top 4 defenceman.

Maybe something like:

Kaberle (or Beauchemin)


Sharp (or Bolland)
1st rounder 2011, 3rd rounder 2012

Boston Bruins? I have some high hopes. It's very clear Boston is in the market for a defenceman, and I couldn't count on my fingers the amount of times i've heard Kaberle and Boston rumors. With Marc Savard presumably to be put on LTIR, the Bruins are obviously trying the gather cap space. This coincides with another rumor I heard... Boston is in the process of moving young forward Blake Wheeler in a deal with the Leafs. This is very plausible, as stated before, Boston is in the market for Kaberle, and Toronto for Wheeler. As for the 1st this year and 3rd next year? I can't see Boston moving Toronto their first rounder back, but maybe their own?

Maybe they're talking something like:

Kaberle (or Beauchemin)


Boston's 1st rounder 2011, 3rd rounder 2012??

However, I don't see how the "older, high cap hit top 6 forward" works into this deal either. Maybe Bergeron, with the cap hit of 4.750m? Making space for their other centermen? Maybe Ryder?

Toronto is evidently full of players that are needs for a cup contender hopeful. Many of these teams are also looking towards a salary dump, and probably wouldn't be too upset about giving up a first round pick... hopefully we'll hear more in the coming days.

Let me know what you guys think!


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"I've been reading up on some Eklund rumors"

Stopped reading there.

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Kaberle is worth a 1st and maybe a lesser pick, not a first and decent to good roster players. He was worth that when he had 2-3 years remaining on his contract that has a $4.25 million cap hit, but not now that his deal is expiring.

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I think Kaberle is being overvalued because of where he plays. He's s good defenceman, but Sharp and 2 draft picks? I mean come on. Even Wheeler and 2 picks seems a bit much. I think Burke thinks he can get a lot more for him when in fact thats as good as its going to get.

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I think many of you have failed to see the "+" sign underneath Kaberle? Usually that means more than what is there lol.

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No I understand that. And I understand what you're saying about Eklund being for entertainment and being that he is 99% of the time incorrect, this is more of a food for though kind of thing.

But the thing is, Boston and Chicago alike, are both in the playoff race, and Toronto has a piece they both need. Another top 4 defenceman. Toronto has a second thing they need... cap space. In order to take on cap space, the other team would need to spice a deal up a bit.

So extra cap space = extra in the deal for Toronto. If you understand what i'm saying.

I know Kaberle isn't worth a Parise, or a Zajac. That's why I put +

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I've had this conversation with my Dad. I don't really know what the difference is between rebuilding through trades and draft, then putting the guys in place, or putting the key guys in place, then rebuilding. By this time next year, I don't assume the Leafs will be much better off... but they'll have atleast 1 high first round pick, but they'll also have the guys to help their young guys develop. Kaberle has played a big role in Gunnarsson's development, as has Phanuef, Beauchemin and Komisarek i'm sure. They'll have Versteeg, Macarthur, Phanuef, Kessel, Grabovski, Kulemin... all of these guys who are undeniably NHL quality, whether it be 4th or 1st line, they have NHL experience, and you can't place a specific value on experience. The rebuild may take a bit longer, but the younger draftee's that will be taught invaluable lessons from the beginning of their development.

I think even though he may not know exactly what he's doing, as the whole thing seems to be a mess right now, that it's better in the long run.

Everyone is so caught up in a classic rebuild... let the man be the GM. He's the one with a proven history... let him do it, and let the chips fall where they may.