Looking Forward - What's Next For The Leafs? *New Series*

As the deadline day came, we all expected a big day out of Burke. All the talk of John-Micheal Liles, Denis Wideman... primarily a puck moving defenceman, and some lesser talks of a proven first line centerman. As the 3pm deadline passed, it seems us Leaf fans were disappointed that Brian Burke, who looked to have so much planned, didn't make a single, significant trade.

But as the "let down" talk settles... what do we as Leaf fans really have to look forward to? Well it really depends, is the glass half empty? Or is the glass half full?

Do you look at your team as a team that is going to miss the playoffs again? A team that has recently traded away a lot of it's impact players? Or; A team that despite probably missing the playoffs again, is making a very significant push with the youngest roster in the NHL. The team that has unloaded a ton of salary, and in return brought in some highly touted youth, and picks?

It is bound to be an exciting summer for Leaf fans. With signings likely including names such as Luke Schenn, Carl Gunnarsson, Clarke MacArthur, Tyler Bozak, and James Reimer. All of whom are restricted free agents come seasons end. Also, with the large amount of cap space expected to be there this summer, there is a lot of room to use that as an advantage to bring in some more key pieces.


Whatever kind of fan you are, it's hard to deny that the glass-half-full fan is in the right boat. This brings me to the real point of this article.

I'm going to be starting a new series of blogs called "Looking Forward". I'll be discussing what could potentially go down in the off-season, what seems to be looking up for the Leafs, so on and so forth. Also, I will doing prospect profiles, and player profiles.

I plan on this series spanning from this week, until the end of the season (April 10th), so probably a 10-part series.

I've been putting a lot of thought into this myself, and am going to continue getting advice from other, more established writers on this site. I am fairly new to the whole writing aspect, and am fully willing to take criticism and advice.

Any advice, or suggestions, e-mail me. Daniel_Woolridge@live.ca

Watch for:

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