Flames Call on Sven Baertschi


With the rash of Calgary Flames injuries the team made the call all fans have been waiting for in summoning Sven Baertschi from the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks.

For those wondering how the Flames are able to call-up a player from the junior ranks read this from Flames.com:

"Pursuant to the agreement between the NHL and the CHL, at the point in time when a team is in its 3rd emergency situation, the NHL club may recall a player from the CHL," said Flames general manager Jay Feaster.

"With the injury in last night’s game to Tim Jackman we are now in our 4th emergency situation and remain eligible to recall one of our players from the CHL. As a hockey department we evaluated all of our options and decided that it is in the best interests of our team to recall Sven Baertschi from Portland of the WHL under emergency conditions."

So this means Flames fans will get a serious glimpse into the Flames future when Baertschi hits the ice on Friday against the visiting Winnipeg Jets.

Sven from Switzerland has been en feugo this season down in Portland despite missing 20 games due to injury.

He has 94 points in only 47 games including 61 assists. The point total ranks him 9th in league scoring and has played a minimum of 13 games less than anyone he is chasing. Factor in the 20 games that he missed and two-point a game pace he is on and he would likely be leading the scoring race by a fair margin.

He is hands down the best Flames (non-goaltender) prospect in the system and the most highly anticipated since Jarome Iginla. He is being called on to be the saviour of the franchise and lead the team for the next 15 years, much like the way Iginla has done for the past decade and half.

That’s a lot to ask of a 19-year-old kid, so please, on Friday, don’t expect the moon from this Swiss sensation.

Sure, it would be great to see him light the lamp and set the ‘Dome ablaze, but most likely he will log about 8:43 minutes of ice, have 2 shots on goal and maybe a hit or two.

However, it does kind of feel like Christmas came early for Flames fans.

The Flames and their fans have been looking for a great white hope to lead them into the future.

Everyone is hoping his name is Sven Baertschi...and on Friday we get the chance, and privilege, to witness the opening act. 


George Prax's picture

So, now we can say that the Flames are not an AHL-caliber team, but a Junior-caliber team? (:

Derrick Newman's picture

Laugh it up...

Coming from a Habs fan? What league are you in now? The East Coast?

George Prax's picture

I don't understand how the habs being bad affects the fact that the Flames suck balls?

Phil T's picture

All that means is we'll get a better draft pick

Derrick Newman's picture

Just sayin' that, you know....(tumbleweeds)

It doesn't.

Enjoy the draft pick. Flames will enjoy 9th place Wink