Flames Fans: Smarten Up


I’m going to take a page out of Peter Griffin’s book here.



You know what really grinds my gears?

People talking about stuff they don’t know anything about.

Case in point was tonight watching the Flames –Wild game in my local bowling alley – I didn’t bowl well in case you’re wondering. I’m using the game and the morons beside me as my excuse.

You know those times where you happen to eavesdrop in on a conversation and you want to interject to tell them they are flipping morons, but you don’t because you know they are just going to give you illogical reasons as to why they think they know hockey and the whole argument is just not worth your time?

Well, this was one of those times.

Comments such as “Iggy is a third line player” and “why are they playing so bad this year?”  It goes on but I’ll save you the horror (Just picture this guy here trying to talk logically).You give Flames fans a bad name sir

First off, Iggy has scored 30 goals in 12 straight seasons. No other player has more goals in the last decade than Iginla. Yes, he has started slow, but if you knew anything about the Flames, and about Iginla specifically, you would know that he is a slow starter. He will finish the year with probably 17 goals (this year’s equivalent to 30) and everyone will once again eat their words. Now, he is getting older but it’s so funny how so called “fans” can turn on a guy so quickly after he’s done pretty much everything for this team the past 15 years with little to no help. Now, he finally has help and he is getting chastised for not scoring every night. It pisses me off. He commands respect from players in this league. If you want evidence, just watch the OT winner vs Columbus last week. He faked the shot and froze pretty much everyone and made a beautiful pass to Tanguay for the game winning goal. I understand that he is trending downwards but he still has a lot to give and if he does indeed get moved at the end of the season or at the trade deadline, the Flames and the fans will sorely miss him and the team receiving his services will most likely win the cup (one can hope).

As for the Flames playing “bad” this year, well I think that statement is a little short sighted. Sure, they played like half-retarded chimps on Saturday night in Vancouver and deserved to lose, but if you’d happen to catch any of the four games prior to that, I’m not sure you can say the same thing. For a team trying to incorporate a brand new system with a lot of new personnel in a short time period, I think they are starting to really come around. They played a solid game against Colorado, but made a couple of mistake in the final 10 minutes that cost them the game. They played unreal vs Chicago but were on the wrong end of the stick that night. They dominated Detroit in the Joe form start to finish – something not many teams ever do. They beat an improved Columbus team in overtime (something Calgary NEVER does. It was their first road OT win since October of 2010) despite giving up the lead twice. And then they laid that egg in Vancouver. They gained 4 of 6 points on the road trip and all told are starting to find their stride. Yes, there are inconsistencies that need to be addressed, but with a new system and new players that is to be expected. I didn’t mention the injuries as I hate using them as an excuse but the Flames have been without the entire second line (Backlund – Baertschi- Cammalleri) and their MVP in Kiprusoff for their last three games, so I’d say they’ve hung in pretty well.

And what the f**K are they doing signing Joey McDonald? This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Here you have Leland Irving who has fought tooth and nail to be the Flames back-up. He is finally given a chance. Plays so-so in Columbus, but gets the win, gets hung out to dry in Vancouver (Hartley applauded Irving alone for keeping them in it) and then plays outstanding tonight against the Wild, especially in the first, but gets burnt in the shootout. Are they purposely trying to crush his confidence or do they really not believe in him at all? And if that’s the case, is Joey McDonald really any better? Where does this leave Irving if McDonald becomes the back-up when Kipper returns this week? In the unemployment line looking for a job is the answer as Danny Taylor will go back to Abbotsford and Irving will once again be the third wheel...or should I say fifth wheel? Wasn’t that a bad dating show back in the 90s or something?

I just don’t like it and maybe, I simply don’t understand the signing. It puts the Flames one contract shy of the 50 contract maximum and puts Irving in a horrible spot.

That’s my rant. Stop being idiots you so-called Flames fans. You're giving me and the rest of us who actually watch the games a bad name. Now I know how the couple reasonable Canucks fans and Oilers fans feel on a daily basis.  

Ok,  I’m done yelling. Go back to your regularly scheduled programming. 


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