Flames Lose in Dramatic Fashion


I woke up this morning thinking it was just a bad dream.

The Calgary Flames couldn’t have lost that game last night, could they? Jay Bouwmeester scored the winning goal with 34 seconds left, right? Marian Hossa didn’t actually score with two seconds left t tie it, did he?

The Flames dominated the best team in the West from start to finish last night. They outshot the Hawks 47-19 and 24-6 in the third period. They wouldn’t let Ray Emery get the best of them would they?

Oh, but they did.

Ray Emery, the Hawks BACK-UP goalie, stonewalled the Flames stopping 45 of 47 shots fired his way and three straight shooters in the shootout.

Bouwmeester scored the go ahead goal with 34 seconds remaining in the game. The Dome was going crazy. Everyone thought it was over. Well, everyone except for the Chicago Blackhawks apparently.

The Hawks quickly took control of the puck and charged into the Flames zone. A melee in front of the net resulted in a wide open Marian Hossa (probably a guy you want to keep an eye on, right?) roofing it past Miikka Kiprusoff and sending the game to overtime.

The game eventually went to a shootout and the Flames lost, again. No real surprise once the game went to the post game skills competition as the Flames have been perennially one of the worst shootout teams in the league (3-9 last season and now 0-2 this season).

And the Flames, as a result of that loss, stay firmly positioned in the basement of the Western Conference. They are also tied for DFL in the entire NHL.

What happened last night should never happen but it did. And once again Flames fans are forced to swallow a bitter pill. A pill that has an all too familiar taste.

Six games. Five at home. Four measly points and a single victory. Not the start you need in a sprint to the finish type season. They didn’t hear the gun go off. They were tying their shoes while the rest of the league was ‘on their mark.’

And now, the Flames are running up an escalator going in the opposite direction. It’s going to be an uphill battle the rest of the way. But then again, for the Flames and their hopeful fans, it always has been.

In the last half decade, nothing has come easy for the Flames. Never have there ever been “sure” wins when it comes to the Flames.  And last night was a prime example of just that.

They did everything right last night except win the hockey game. They even excluded Iginla from the shootout (something I’ve been begging for all year), going instead with Alex Tanguay, Jiri Hudler and Roman Cervenka. The result was very similar however with the Flames going 0-for-3.

Numerous missed opportunities. Missing open nets. Cross bars. Posts.

Coach Bob Hartley said they didn’t get the “big goal” when they needed it. Funny enough they DID get the big goal when Bouwmeester scored with 34 seconds left. That IS and SHOULD BE the big goal. However, as it is with the Flames, nothing is ever certain.

The only thing that is certain, is that they will consistently feed you hope. Hope that you won’t be disappointed when the regular season ends.

So, the Flames now hit the road for three games against Detroit, Columbus, and Vancouver. The Flames haven’t lost in regulation on the road yet this season, so maybe hitting the road will be the best medicine for this ailing squad of underachievers.

And yes, I know they have only played a single game on the road. I’m just trying to raise my spirits, and the spirits of the rest of the Flames fan base, after being punched in the throat last night by the Chicago Blackhawks.  


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