Jarome Iginla: Trade Looming


After three straight losses on the road it appears the Calgary Flames 2013 season is all but over.

And, after 17 years in a Flames jersey, nearly 16 full seasons, over 1200 games and nearly 1100 points, it appears that Jarome Iginla’s time as a Flame might be coming to an end as well.

According to numerous sources, Iginla has given a list of four teams he is willing to accept a trade to: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston and the defending cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

Never has it gotten this far in terms of trade speculation with the face of the Flames franchise, so it makes it seem even more likely that it might happen.

And who can blame him for wanting out? The team is in disarray, with little to no direction, varied talent around him and no guarantee of a playoff berth in the near future. He gave everything to this city and unfortunately, for both him and the fans of the Flames, it wasn’t enough.

Iginla came within an inch, literally, of winning the cup back in 2004 when the Flames lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games. The Flames went on an unexpected run that ignited the city and re-ignited the franchise that had been spiralling out of control for the better part of a decade.

Now, the franchise seems to be going in a similar direction to where it was in the late 90s when there was no identity and no direction. Inconsistent efforts over the past 4 years have put this team in no man’s land and has put Iginla in a spot where leaving is his best option to win that elusive Stanley Cup.

He did everything he could to try and help this team win. He has scored the most goals of any NHL player in the past decade and has done it playing with a less than stellar supporting cast. He has said all the right things. But now, it’s time to let Iginla go, if that is indeed his wish.

Whatever team he goes to, if he in fact does get dealt, will immediately have roughly 1 million new fans of converted Flames fans hoping that Iggy can hoist the cup – albeit wearing different threads.

This is Iginla’s choice. It always has been and it always will be. But once given the green light to look at options, Flames management must do right by their fans and get the most they can in return for the iconic Iginla.

What the Flames get in return has been up for debate for years.  

My guess is that the Flames will be able to land a prospect and a 1st round pick in either the 2013 or 2014 draft. A player like Iginla could be a game-changer for a team like Chicago, LA, Pittsburgh, or Boston. It could give them that depth scoring that is so crucial in the intense two month playoff marathon.

While it’s not official, I think I have finally come to grips with Iginla leaving and I’m fine with it. And I don’t think I’m alone.

What Flames fans have to realize is that trading Iginla will not solve all the Flames problems. Their issues stem much deeper than just one guy and there isn’t enough time in the day and/or words in the dictionary to describe exactly what is wrong with the Flames at this time. There will be a lot of time to delve into the numerous issues that are plaguing this horrendous hockey team.

Iginla could be playing playoff hockey this year, and that should be a small consolation for Flames fans who won’t be seeing playoff hockey in the dome in the near future.

I think I speak for the majority of Flames fans when I say:

Go get your cup Jarome. We will all be cheering for you here in cow town. 

Check out this Metro article where I was also quoted: Iginla Trade Reports


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NickSymon's picture

Nice article Newman, 'Go get your cup Jarome. We will all be cheering for you here in cow town.' sums it up perfectly

John Russo's picture

Great read. Whichever team wins the Iginla sweepstakes will certainly have a distinct advantage heading into the playoffs. Calgary can really gain something valuable for him through trade as well. Chicago has some young pieces Calgary could go after.

Derrick Newman's picture

Yeah I think they do. It should be an interesting week and a half. Word is that Feaster is gonna wait to see where the team sits early next week. I say why wait, they are constantly in the same position. And if you wait you risk getting zero for him, especially because he has agreed to go to certain teams.