NHL Lockout: Kopitar Scores, Dominates in Swedish Debut

After witnessing Anze Kopitar's triumphant return to Swedish hockey on Tuesday, friend of TCL Petter Filipsson had this to say via twitter: 



Well it appears that the recent Stanley Cup winner has adjusted to life in the SE-2 quite well. In his first game in Sweden’s second league (the top league has barred locked out NHL players from signing there although it appears that ban will be lifted soon), the Kings’ Slovenian center bagged a goal and three assists, denoted by the "1+3" in the tweet. 

Kopitar's visiting Mora IK team defeated Patrik Berglund's VIK squad 6-2 in Berglund's homecoming. The home crowd, knowing a transcendent perfomance when they see one, gave the star opponent a standing ovation as the clock wound down. 

Here are the highlights: 


Two things stand out from the above clips. First, the goaltending leaves something to be desired. That's not exactly Johnathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist in net. 
Secondly, VIK's defensemen respected Kopitar far too much. There is a fear in all d-men, let alone those facing a supreme talent like Kopitar, of getting beat one on one. But allowing the All-star centerman space when he enters the zone is like allowing Ray Allen to spot up from three. Only bad things come of it.
On three occasions, Kopitar created goals from one on four rushes. His first assist was especially meaningful. Kopitar's younger brother finished the tic-tac-toe play set up by the elder's cross-zone pass. 
Kings fans must have bittersweet feelings watching their star dominate an inferior league. They love that he'll improve on his already excellent offensive skills in a league void of the NHL's physicality. They'd love it more if he was wearing a Kings sweater in the coming weeks. 
Enjoy the Slovenian superstar while you have him, Sweden. We'd like to have him back soon. 
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