Injured Reserve And Sitting On The Couch With Erol Bal

Hello friends, Well I have not had time to do a video blog as this freaky winter weather has played tricks on my body. Put it to you this way, you can go jog five miles out doors when its 55 degrees, but don't try it the next day in shorts thinking your Rocky training to fight Drago when its 33 degrees outside with winds gusting. Your going to wind up sick on the couch like me :)

So lets talk Islanders Hockey!!

I was out of commission and the Islanders won three in a row by beating the Flyers, Capitals and Hurricanes. Just when I was getting back to normal they lose two in a row to the Maple Leafs courtesy of the refs who were told from the top that Toronto must make the playoffs or else!!

To think only the NBA is a rigged leagued controlled by media interests.

Though the Islanders are still a long shot from making the playoffs, those two losses were devastating to any hopes this franchise will have in order to salvage this season. Many questions still can be asked as we all wonder if the Islanders will be buyers or sellers during the trade deadline:

1 - Will Nabokov be traded?

2 - Will Garth trade Mark Streit?

3 - Will Garth make any splash moves to help the team and at least end on a fighting note?

4 - Or will we just go with the same rag tag line up of misfits and have them play without a care in the world hoping to add some life to the fan base with another lottery pick this off season?

Yes to be an Islander fan is to always be left with life pondering questions about this team and your sanity.

Personally I would love to see some moves being made. Hell make any moves other then the occasional waiver wire pick up. I want to see some resemblance of a General Manager unfold but our Garth runs the helm like a state run television network in the middle east.

I don't know what he will do but I wont sit back happy watching this team tank another year with a lottery pick and then be told the rebuild is almost over.

Now we all criticized Mike Milbury for making quick trades that never worked out but is Garth Snow the Anti-Milbury? Is the man not willing, or is he afraid to be ostracized for giving up the next Chara or Luongo or Spezza?

My question to the fans this week on the Injured reserved Couch edition is:

- Who are your untouchable players and who would/could you see being moved at the deadline?

- Would you like to see the team make a push and fall up short or just tank the rest of the season and "Fail for Nail" (Top Russian Prospect Nail Yakupov)?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy the All Star game - I wish Matt Moulson and Travis Hamonic were playing in it as well. It sure is great to see John Tavares represent us this year and we all hope for many years to come!

See ya next week!!




Rob McGowan's picture

A few answers from my end for you, Erol. I don't think that Nabokov will be traded as long as the Islanders are in playoff reach (regardless if they make it or not). Being 10 points out might be close enough for Snow to want to give his team a fighting chance - and he should.

I also do not think that Mark Streit will go anywhere until the end of his contract next season. I also don't think Snow will make any splash moves, but I do hope that he does a little bit more this year. Free agency hasn't been kind to the Islanders. Time to explore the trade route.

But with that being said, Snow has to avoid making any Milbury-esqu moves. Do not touch any major prospects or members of the core. Trade off the veterans that are dead weight if possible for draft picks and/or prospects, and let the right players grow. However, I believe whether or not any of this happens will be up in the air due to the fact that there is still no end in sight for the issues that surround the arena. How much money can Charles Wang continue to spend on this team, give away to players, and lose at the same time each year?

Erol Bal's picture

I have heard many rumblings that the Devils are interested in Streit. I dont know what we can get for him but I do believe if there is a deal to be made and it is worth it then the Isles should consider moving there team captain. As for FA moves or major deals in regards to the financial situations of Wang. Garth Snow needs to really sit down with Charles Wang and tell him how important it is that this team gets built with a strong chance of making a dent in the league.

Is there any wonder why the people voted NO on August 1st? If the team keeps losing each and every year and the owner says "i need a new arena can you the tax payer help finance it" Who in there right mind would support him???

If you beat them, They will come! If the Islanders were not a last place team and maybe won a cup or made some serious waves in the playoffs the county would of came out in full support.

The clock is ticking on this team and whether it stays in Nassau or Brooklyn/Queens is anyones guess but the fact remains that Charles Wang needs to start making important decisions on this team because it will not be fair for the fan base to go another year in limbo and I dont think the league should sit back and allow this to happen.

As for our General Manager,

I try not to be a Snow hater, I love what he has done in re-stocking the shelves but the time has come for him to step up and be a General Manager not just for the teams sake but for his own. Eventually one day he wont be a GM of the Islanders anymore and he will be looking for a job and I don't see him being hired by any other team. He has really dont nothing to improve this squad out of the bottom 5 of the league.

Maybe General Manager Rick Dipietro will have better luck Smile

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I hope to the Hockey Gods that we never see Rick DiPietro at he GM's desk. And I don't see Snow going anywhere in the near future. But I do agree that he needs to add more and find a way to do it instead of just settling for the left overs in free agency via tryouts.