Proposal Keeps Blue Jackets in Columbus

It was just one month ago that we discussed the troubles the Blue Jackets were having with their current leasing deal with Nationwide Arena, and the possibility of the team having to relocate to another city.  John Rosenberger, a Columbus attorney, was handed the responsibility to create a proposal that would keep the Blue Jackets in Columbus and consider a public purchase of Nationwide Arena at the end of the 2008-2009 Blue Jackets season.

"After completing nearly two years of in-depth analysis and due-diligence, we are ready to make our recommendations to city and county officials for a financial plan built on a public and private partnership," Rosenberger released in a statement this afternoon with the Columbus Dispatch. "We believe we have met our charge."


Photo shot by Derek Jense, 2005-October-05

The proposal was handed over at 3:00PM eastern time today, and initial thoughts seem advantageous, based on the ownership's reactions.  Blue Jackets team president Mike Priest issued the following statement on the Jackets official website regarding his  thoughts on the proposal:

"We are appreciative of the comprehensive work and due diligence delivered in this report. Mr. Dorrian, Bill Jennison and John Rosenberger each understand the issues and this report offers a solution that will provide a long term sustainable business model for the organization. We are encouraged by the report's findings."

While it has not been made clear yet what the details of the report are, the Assosciated Press news release suggested the report included strengthening the team's finances through options such as new taxes or fees, selling shares to other investors or the general public, or attracting a second major tenant for Nationwide Arena.

Stick with for future developments on this topic and for all Blue Jackets news for the upcoming season.  

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