BLOG: Updates on Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Plane Crash

Yaroslavl, Russia - A Russian plane carrying KHL hockey team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl from Yaroslavl to Minsk has crashing killing at least 43 people and leaving one critically injured.  The plane is currently believed to have had on board the entire Lokomotiv roster including coaching staff.  Lokomotiv is a three time KHL champion taking gold in 1997, 2002, and 2003.  They finished third last season.

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NOTE - This is a blog, all information is not official, and is gathered from various sources that are not confirmed.  I will try to post only information that comes from a trusted source.

Click Here to watch the Dynamo tribute video held 9/9/11 at the time the puck was intended to drop on the first game against Lokomotiv.

5:18PM EST - (Source: Stan Galiev) - Mother of Sergei Ostapchuk (Lokomotiv player) has died of a heart attack upon hearing the news.

5:15PM EST - (Source: Slava Maladmud) - It is now confirmed that the airline involved in the crash was not allowed in the EU air space due to known issues.

3:39PM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - Some KHL players are now speaking out, suggesting the KHL postpones the first two games of the seasons to let players travel to Yaroslavl.

3:36PM EST - (Source: National Hockey League) - Players react to the KHL Lokomotiv tragedy over Twitter.  Read some reactions here.

3:02PM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - The KHL asks for patience as they decide what to do concerning the future of Lokomotiv hockey.  The current plan being discussed may ask all teams to send one player to Lokomotiv to help salvage the teams season.  - Read the Puck Daddy article here.

2:43PM EST - (Source: Multiple) - Doctor: "Galimov is alive and will be alive short-term at least.  His condition is extremely critical right now."  The flight attendant's condition is better.  He is 10-15% covered in burns, broken bone at the base of his skull, trauma to the hip, and he is in shock.

2:15PM EST - (Source: Slava Malamud) - KHL teams may transfer the rights of existing players to Lokomotiv or otherwise loan them to the team. The league is considering its options and there should be a final decision tomorrow.

2:02PM EST - (Source: KHL) - The KHL has released a statement saying the league will not change the regular season calendar at this time.

1:54PM EST - (Source: Slava Malamud) - "Half an hour ago Galimov was still alive" - Yaroslavl Region Governor (via Rossiyskaya Gazeta).

1:54PM EST - (Source: Slava Malamud) - The crashed plane was forbidden to use the European Union airspace, deemed too unsafe by the European Air Safety Commission.

1:51PM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - Dinamo Minsk, the team set to play Lokomotiv tomorrow, will donate all proceeds from tickets for tommorrow's game to Lokomotiv.

1:32PM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - The updated list of players who passed away in the crash now includes Ruslan Salei.

1:27PM EST - (Source: Paul Bissonnette) - Bettman statement on KHL tragedy: "Though it occurred thousands of miles away from our home arenas, this tragedy represents a catastrophic loss to the hockey world -- including the NHL family, which lost so many fathers, sons, teammates and friends who at one time excelled in our League. Our deepest condolences go to the families and loved ones of all who perished.”

1:06PM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - Thousands of people are on the streets in Yarovlavl holding a vigil already.  City officials are expected to address the crowds.

12:27PM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - Ruslan Salei not on the list of players that passed away on board the plane. Read the entire list here

12:01PM EST - (Source: Puck Daddy and Russia-24 TV) - Both reporting that the lone survivor of the plane crash, Alexander Galimov, has now also passed away.

11:50AM EST - (Source: IIHF) - The International Ice Hockey Federation releases official article concerning the tragedy.  You can read that article by clicking here.

11:35AM EST - (Source: SBNation) - List of former NHL players confirmed to have been on board: Former NHLer Brad McCrimmon, head coach of Lokomotiv, and ex-NHL players Karlis Skrastins, Ruslan Salei, Karel Rachunek, Josef Vasicek and Pavol Demitra, as well as New Jersey Devils prospect Alexandner Vasyunov.

11:28AM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - KHL and NHL prospect Yuri Urychev and former San Jose Shark forward Daniil Sobchenko said to be on board.

11:19AM EST - (Source: Tom Gulitti - NJD Beat Reporter) -  Lou Lamoriello confirms that former New Jersey Devils player Alexander Vasyunov was on board the plane and has passed away.

11:16AM EST - (Source: SovSport) - Ruslan Salei (former Detroit Red Wing) is a confirmed player on board the plane.

11:09AM EST - (Source: Dmitry Chesnokov) - The lone survivor of the plane crash is Galimov.  He has over 80% of his body covered in burns; he has had immediate surgery, according to doctors.



George Prax's picture

This is unbelievable and tragic. No matter that there was a hockey team on there of course, but this hits even closer to home with known players on there. I don't even know what to say.

Frank Leppar's picture

Yeah you really nailed it. It's tragic to hear anything like this happen, and even though you don't personally know the players - you feel a connection with them. Pavel Demitra was simply one of the best players ever in the NHL. Very sad news to see anybody pass away, but he was one of the greats.

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Pictures from the crash site. Caution: could be considered graphic. Also, it's in Russian.Фотографии и видео с места крушения самолета в Ярославской области
Frank Leppar's picture

I have held back on these pictures and the video that I have seen. Comments area is a better place for them rather than the actual article.

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That's what I figured too. Felt some might want to see it though, at least with a warning.

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Reports are still conflicting as to whether Alexander has passed away yet. Apparently Russian doctors are refusing to say if he has. Regardless, this is very tragic news to have lost so many young men and of course Pavol Demitra who was such an exciting player to watch in the late 90s.

Frank Leppar's picture

Thanks for the update. Between this and the Crosby presser (and the fact that I'm currently at work ha) it's been a busy morning.