Patrick Kaleta, what a genius

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Here at the Checking Line we're all about being fair. The other day, Alexander Ovechkin's hit on Patrick Kaleta got front page coverage on our main page, and a short discussion ensued on whether or not the hit was suspendable.

Needless to say, TCL members responded with a resounding "no" to the above issue, as evidenced by Wednesday's poll.

My personal opinion on the hit was it was WAS dirty. It falls well within the definitions of boarding and charging, and while the hit may or may not have been from behind, I feel as if the intention was there. It's not the first questionable Ovechkin hit, he's done some dirty things on the ice in the past, and while "experts" will tell you that the hit itself is not suspendable, AO is free-wheeling on the ice because he thinks he's untouchable. His bubble needs to be burst.

One thing that doesn't affect my opinion on the hit is the player that Ovechkin hit. Some will tell you that Patrick Kaleta had it coming, and that most players didn't feel bad for him. While that may or not be true, you can't dictate the rules of the game based on whether or not someone "deserves" to get his face caved in.

But I'll tell you this... Kaleta is making it difficult for me to stay on his side on this matter. Not two days removed from the incident with Ovechkin, Kaleta goes right ahead and does almost the same thing to Jared Ross of the Philadelphia Flyers, as you can see in the video above. Kaleta skates all the way up the Flyers zone and staples Ross face first into the boards.

Ross turned away from Kaleta but it doesn't seem like he saw him, and Kaleta didn't let up on the hit, but one has to wonder, how is it all that much more different than Ovechkin's hit? Both players have somewhat of a reputation, neither have been suspended and both had the intend to at least hit the other player pretty hard.

The difference is, Kaleta isn't a superstar and doesn't sell tickets and merchandise for his team, as well as the league.

So, does Kaleta get suspended, or should he be let off the hook?

Once again, you be the judge, vote here!


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