Your 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champions!

After 49 LONG years, the Stanley Cup has FINALLY come back to Chicago!

An exciting game which Philadelphia managed to take to overtime despite being outshot 41-24 was ended somewhat anti-climatically when a Patrick Kane shot was lost in Michael Leighton's equipment. It was, however a goal, and turned out to be the Stanley Cup winning that would put the season in the books and finally return the Stanley Cup to the Blackhawks after the longest cup drought in NHL history.

There will be plenty of post-game analysis, post-mortems, celebrations and aggravations, and TCL will have them all for you right here in the coming days, weeks, and months heading into the 2010-11 season!

On behalf of all the writers here on the site, and of course myself, I would like to thank each and every person who followed the site throughout the season. We hope you will stay with us throughout the draft, free agency and beyond as we have a lot planned to keep you entertained!

For now, if you're a Blackhawks fan, enjoy the win. You deserve it. If you're a Flyers fan, be proud of your team, having accomplished more than anyone could have even fathomed. For everyone else, October will bring a new season and a new hope.

We'll be back sooner than you think!