It's time for the Oilers to go scorched earth

The hockey world's mouths fell open in collective shock last night as the NHL's lottery balls worked their magic, and the Edmonton Oilers won the overall #1 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft.

Greatness Awaits the New York Islanders

"Greatness is a road leading to the unknown." - Charles de Gaulle

For Isles To Win, Halak Must Be An All-Star

Goals win hockey games; there is no question about it.

Blackhawks head to Nashville for Round 1 - let the playoffs begin!

The Blackhawks finished out their season in a ho-hum 3-2 loss to the Avalanche.

Hawks close regular season in Colorado

In a season of inconsistencies and trials and tribulations, the Chicago Blackhawks are looking to close out in a fashion to prime them for what hopefully will be a long play-off run.

It's Not Just A Goodbye To Nassau Coliseum

Moving isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that need to be packed away when transitioning from one home to another.

Hawks take on Blues for Central Division seeding

Spring is most definitely in the air and in NHL terms that means the fight for playoff spots and seeding.

Isles Shutout Sabres, Inch Closer To Playoff Berth

The New York Islanders defeated the Buffalo Sabres 3-0 on Saturday night for their second to last home game of the regular season at Nassau Coliseum.

Toews leads Hawks past Sabres 4-3

Oh Captain my captain, which is what the Blackhawks faithful were tweeting after the Hawks in the last minute and half of the game, were trailing 3-2 and led by captain Jonathan Toews onto a 4-3 wi

Jack Capuano Needs To Rewrite A Happy Ending To This Tragedy

Blowing a two goal lead in the third period of a hockey game is never acceptable by the standards of most coaches and players, but to let it happen when you are looking to solidify a playoff spot i