Breaking News: Markov Allegedly Confronts Price; Locker Room Split?

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I wasn't going to post a blog today but this needs some attention... according to Tony Marinaro on the Team 990, Andrei Markov confronted Carey Price after the 4-3 overtime loss to the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday night.

Allegedly, Markov told Price "Play with more heart, or stay home.. we don't need you." (source).

Following this comment, Tony claims that half the locker room backed Price, the other half, Markov. Marinaro then implied that this confrontation could have been one of the deciding factors behind the demotions of Pacioretty and D'Agostini to Hamilton, and that there might also be friction between Markov and his defense partner (also Price's best friend), Josh Gorges. He then went on to say that the only thing he wasn't able to confirm was which side Jaroslav Halak took.

Everyone needs to listen to this on the Team990's website.

I will update my blog a little later, but it seems to me that Tony is making a bigger deal out of this (if it's even true) than it is. Even Dave Stubbs on Twitter is quietly implying that he doesn't believe the report, or at the very least that he is also skeptical.

Tony has spent the last half hour defending himself against callers who are upset that Tony would even report something like this. Whether it's true or not, and whether it's as big of a deal as Tony claims it is remains to be seen, but it's just another example why this team will never succeed the way it's structured. Whether it's a case of an internal fight that really is that big of a deal, or the media making a bigger deal of things than they need to, it's just another day in the Montreal Canadiens Circus.

More to come.

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