Habs and Bruins Fans Mix It Up At The Bell Centre

When the Boston Bruins are in town, you can bet that things are bound to get a little... eventful. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a game between the two teams that doesn't feature some sort of controversial incident. We don't need to remind you about what happened last March between these two teams, or their countless playoff series against each other.

So, last night, with the Bruins at the Bell Centre, and a hotly contested 1-0 game at stake, something felt like it was in the air, as if things were about to go down.

The only problem is that what happened next wasn't on the ice, as you'd expect, but in the stands. The following video, courtesy of (who else) 25 Stanley, should probably speak for itself:



We can't really say what caused things to get out of hand between the Habs fans and Bruins fans present in the lower reds last night, but we can't say that we don't understand either. Tensions between the two fanbases are usually pretty high.

The timing may have been a little odd, and it certainly distracted a lot of people on the ice. Both the referees and goalie Tim Thomas turned their heads away from the play to see what was going on in the stands.

Most people are giving credit to the Bell Centre security staff for breaking things up in about a minute flat. Impressive work, but in that minute, things got pretty intense, and included some pretty nasty kicks. 

One thing's for those. Those guys are lucky that Knuckles Nilan, who was in attendance last night, didn't jump from his seats and join the fray.

What's really surprising is that things were actually relatively tame on the ice the entire night. The Canadiens only took one penalty the entire night (2 minutes to Subban for roughing in the first), following by a minor and double minor by former Hab Benoit Pouliot in the second, and a cross-checking penalty from Rich Peverley right before the fight. Much unlike previous tilts between these two teams.

The Habs and Bruins next face each other on December 19th in Boston, just in time for Christmas. Will this incident carry over into Beantown, and more importantly, how many "call the police" jokes should we expect to hear today?