TCL Top 10 Questions for your Friday

UPDATE: Marc-Andre Bergeron has been placed on IR after taking a shot in last night's game and will miss a minimum of one week. While it was expected that Bergeron would miss this weekend's games, the move to IR was made to make room for a trio of forwards from Hamilton.

Called up from the farm team was David Desharnais, who played one game for the Canadiens on emergency call-up this season, Ryan White, back for another stint with the team, and Brock Trotter. This is Trotter's first go-around in Montreal.

The Canadiens' entire first line of Plekanec, Sergei Kostitsyn and Benoit Pouliot took therapy days, along with Bergeron, but there is no word on whether or not any of them would miss this weekend's games, or which of the above call-ups would suit up during the weekend.

More to come.


Going to take a page out of Eric Engels' book from Hockeybuzz and ask you guys to answer 10 Habs related questions today. (Sorry Eric. I'll send you a TCL Hat if you want one).

I'll follow up with some thoughts from last night's game. But for now, here is today's TCL Top 10: Ten Questions about our Habs for this Friday Morning:

1. Five games remain between now and the Olympic break. How many does Halak start? Price?

2. What about the 19 games in March and April?

3. One month remains between now and the trade deadline. Are the Habs buyers or sellers? What do they do on the trade market between now and March 4th?

4. Should Mathieu Darche stay in Montreal? For how long?

5. Is there anyone else from the Bulldogs you would like to see with the Habs between now and the end of th season?

6. What ONE ex-Hab still in the league would you want back on the team and why?

7. How would you have reacted if Ilya Kovalchuk was coming to the Habs and not the Devils?

8. You have a choice: Sign Plekanec now for over $5 million per season or trade him while his value is at its highest. What do you do?

9. If Bob Gainey were to be fired today, who would you replace him with and why?

10. Finally, overall, as your opinion and/or expectations from this team and how good it is changed at all over the last 3 games?



For the second time in as many games, the Canadiens stole two points from a team that should have beaten them, from a team that totally outshot and dominated them. But somehow, they managed to squeak some effort in, score a few goals and beat the Bruins in a shootout.

Like I said yesterday, I don't understand this team, and I can't begin to explain to you how this team manages to do the things that they do on the ice. For all intents and purposes, the Canadiens went into last night game against the Bruins an underdog, even though they were 5 spots ahead of them in the standings. For all intents and purposes, they delivered on that reputation throughout most of the game, surrendering loads of shots and scoring chances, allowing nearly 50 shots to be peppered on Jaroslav Halak for the second game in a row, forgetting how to change properly while the game is ongoing, and overall just being outplayed.

But somehow, they manage to come back from two one-goal deficits, stretch the game to overtime and get themselves a shootout victory.

Was it because Jaroslav Halak is that good? Was it because the Bruins are that bad when it comes to scoring goals? Or are both these teams just that bad?

It really boggles the mind. And while I'm happy that the Canadiens came out with a victory against their most hated rivals, a part of me wishes they would have lost, because they didn't deserve to win. And as I've been saying for the last few weeks, the only way this team is going finally get out of this slump of mediocrity is if they do start losing badly, if they miss the playoffs and real changes are finally made, both on and off the ice.

This team, if they make the playoffs, and it looks like they're going to get lucky and squeak in, is going to be embarrassed for the third year in a row in the post-season. It started two years ago when they couldn't dominate the Bruins like they had for so long in the first round and then were tossed around like a sack of monkeys against the Flyers. It continued the next year when they got swept by the Bruins. And it will happen again this year, whether it's against the Capitals, the Devils, the Penguins or the Sabres.

We can only hope that the Molsons have a good enough hockey sense that they can see past the stats, past the standings, and past the black ink on their financial statements.



The Canadiens enter their usual Superbowl weekend stretch with two afternoon games at the Bell Centre. I will be at the game against the Bruins on Sunday afternoon, but the Canadiens host the Penguins tomorrow, and because of last week's live blog success, I will be holding another live blog tomorrow.

So keep yourself logged into TCL tomorrow, as I will be sharing my thoughts and all the happenings from the game between the Pens and the habs at 3PM!

Looking forward to your answers for the top 10.