... Well the Jerkstore called, they're running out of Sergeis! UPDATED 2PM: Bob Gainey Comments

Sorry for the double post but I think this is important enough of a story....

Sergei Kostitsyn, brother of Andrei and a player who was once a highly touted prospect for the Habs, has apparently gone AWOL, according to Habs Inside/Out. Bob Gainey will address the matter from Teen Ranch in Ontario, where the team is staying until tomorrow's game, but according to Renaud Lavois at RDS, Kostitsyn has let the team know through his agent, the notorious Don Meehan, that he will be asking for a trade and that he won't be reporting to the Hamilton Bulldogs training camp in Scotland (don't ask...)

He has been suspended by the team and it is unknown at this time what else Bob Gainey and his staff will do about the matter.

Pat Hickey reported on Monday that Kostitsyn might be mulling a KHL offer.

Personally, I say good riddance. He showed up at camp this year out of shape and underperformed, and he expects better treatment from the team? Don't trade him, ship him off to some far away affiliate deep within Siberia and let him rot and think about why he isn't on the team. He doesn't deserve anything from this team and should be grateful he even got a CHANCE to play with the Canadiens.

I will update this post as more of this story breaks, so keep an eye on it.


Bob Gainey held a press conference earlier about the matter, and had the following to say (translated from an RDS post):

- Bob says that Sergei and his agent let them know that he wasn't reporting to Hamilton and that he wanted a trade. For the moment, Sergei has been suspended by the club.

- Gainey would like him to show up in Hamilton, at least in the short term, before either side does anything else.

- He says that Sergei needs to regain his form as an NHL-caliber player, the one he had when he was playing well in the league, then he might be able to play in the league, whether it be with the Habs or another team.

- Gainey says that he doesn't think it will affect Sergei's brother Andrei.

- He says that they don't have a guarantee that Sergei wants to stay in North America, implying that the rumors that Sergei is mulling an offer from the KHL might be true.

More to come.