Report: Pens to Host Caps in 2011 Winter Classic

According to reports, including The National Post as well as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be hosting next year's Winter Classic at Heinz Field, home to the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

Their opponents?

You guessed it! Alexander Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals. With a playoff series already in the books, another one potentially on the way in this year's playoffs, a plethora of awards that includes three Hart trophies, Maurice Richard trophies and a Stanley Cup for Mr. Crosby, and an intense rivalry that's been raging since Ovechkin and Crosby broke into the league in 2005, a Winter Classic between two of the best teams in the league could only be a good thing for both teams and the NHL as a whole.

While the reports remain unconfirmed, it's a viable rumor and one that makes sense for everyone involved. The event is slated to take place on January 1st of the New Year, as has become traditional.

The Winter Classic has taken place in baseball parks for the past two years, which means that this will be the first time since 2008, when the Penguins were the away team in Buffalo, that the game will be played in a football stadium. Reports indicate that nearly all of Heinz Field's 65,000+ seats could be filled for the event.

More to come.