Details for tomorrow's *LIVE* Draft coverage!

With free agency looming and a plethora of trades, signings, and news to discuss these last few days, the draft may have slipped the mind of a few going into tomorrow evening. But rest assured that TCL is right on top of all of the action.

As a result, we will be presenting our LIVE coverage of the 1st round of the draft tomorrow evening, starting at 6:45PM, to talk about all the picks, all the trades and anything else that may fancy your interest on a Friday evening. Many TCL contributors will be there, as well as some new faces and some surprises.

In addition, TCL will be running the chat along with Micheal Aldred of (also a contributor on the site) for more in-depth coverage. So check his website out as well!

We'll have plenty of draft coverage for you tomorrow, including rankings, pre-draft team specific blogs, and of course, the chat!

Join us tomorrow, and don't forget to set your reminders in the widget below!