Introducing Checkers, the TCL Cat!

The playoffs are but a single day away, and we here at TCL have not forgotten about making our predictions, and they are forthcoming.

However, since most of our writers, if not all, follow certain teams while hating others, we cannot ensure our objectivity. Flyers fans will pick their team over the Devils, the Bruins will think they can beat the Sabres, and so on and so forth. A Habs fan may or may not pick the Bruins to go over said Sabres either It's only natural!

But this might skew the poll of writers to a certain degree, and the TCL staff was aware of this.

A system was needed in order to ensure that all these writers would be kept in check. That even if they were to make biased choices, there would be an unbiased choice who's objectivity could be ensured.

After months of grueling, never-ending research, TCL scientists have devised a solution to this horrible problem.

That is why, for the first time ever, the first round of the playoffs will be predicted by a member of the feline family. Yes, that's right! Tune into TCL tomorrow before the playoffs begin for our (first) annual playoff preview, in which each series will be previewed, and the predictions of nearly a dozen TCL writers will be revealed!

And in order to keep them in check, as stated above, Checkers, the Checking Line cat, will finally make his long-awaited debut, and reveal who he chose as the winner of each first round series!

Trust is, this is all very exciting.

Until then, please enjoy the plethora of NHL stories available on the main page from our many writers, and return tomorrow for our preview, and Checkers' debut!

As you can tell, he's already all dressed up and ready for his debut, so don't miss it!