TCL Partners With Grinder Threads As Official Store!

We are pleased to announce that starting today, TCL will be partnering with Adam Runqvist of Grinder Threads to offer our readers the latest and most amazing hockey t-shirt designs! Adam has been running Grinder Threads for a few years now, and by clicking the link you can tell that he's good at what he does.

Adam will also be providing us with blogs about not only the newest tees he's designing and coming out with, but some very special hockey-related content that you should look forward to.

So stay tuned to TCL, and check out Grinder Threads if you're into wearing cool t-shirts, and purchase some to impress all of your friends!



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There should be Team Prax and Team Storto T-Shirts

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Patrick Storto wrote:

There should be Team Prax and Team Storto T-Shirts

I actually talked to Adam about that, but we both agreed that it wouldn't make sense since everyone would just buy the Prax shirts.

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Yeah, that would put us out of business!

Phil T's picture

Very nice!

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not even your family would buy your shirt over mine