TCL Version 3 is up and running!

I'd like to welcome everyone to the new version of The Checking Line!

Come in, take your shoes off, grab a drink, make yourself at home, stay for a while! TCL V.3 is the same site you've come to know and love, with all the same great bloggers and community members, with an updated layout, and loads of new features.

To sum up some of the updates:

- Quick Update: When someone happens in the NHL, you can bet that you'll hear about it first on TCL. Keep an eye on the very top of the site for quick updates on scores, trades, news and other happenings right on the site!

- NHL Scores: Right next to the quick update at the top of the page, you can now view up to the minute scores from games around the NHL!

- New color scheme: Blue was so 2009. Red is what's in, fall 2010. New hockey season, new colors!

- Hot Topic: Not a big fan of twitter? Got twitter, but still want to carry forward the "hockey discussion in 2 sentences or less" mantra to TCL? Well, now you can, with Hot Topic, TCL's own mini-twitter feature! We're still working out the kinks, but any "hot topic" burning the league will be available for discussion, right on the front page!

- Caption Contest: Just like with the new Hot Topic feature, you can now share your funny captions for funny hockey-related images, right on the front page!

- Events Calendar: With many live blogs on the way during the upcoming regular season, we have to be organized and let you know when they're going to be happening! TCL's new event calendar will allow us to share with you our plans for live blogs and other major events!

- Sites Worth Visiting: One major component missing from previous versions of the site was a blog roll. Well, we've amended that with one right at the top of the page! We'll try to list as many relevant sites as possible, but if you want to exchange links, just send us an e-mail or message and we'll add you to the list!

- Updated forums: We'll be the first to admit that the forums on TCL were a little... lacking... but we've worked hard to update the look and feel of the forums, and hopefully increase the activity and grow the community on TCL. We want our site to be your one-stop destination for hockey news and discussion, and hopefully, with the new forums, our readers will be encouraged to stick around, start new threads, and engage in good hockey discussion!

And there will be plenty more to come.

So, same great bloggers and posts, plenty of new features to complement the site! If you have any questions, comments, concerns or anything else, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or e-mail me at!

Enjoy the new site!

George Prax


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George Prax's picture

Red = Habs. So, sorry.

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Love the new layout! Everything seems more spaced out and easier to find! Nice job as usual Prax!

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we're still improving it and fixing the glitches. Let us know if you find anything wrong! If your computer blows up while visiting the site though, that's normal.

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Phil, Prax keeps posting blogs. Anyway you guys can fix this glitch?

Phil T's picture

Cutting all his fingers off is probably the easiest fix

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You idiot you got it wrong. I ate the elephant WHILE I was riding the boar.

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Prax, don't talk about your mother that way.

I don't know if you guys are getting this but when I switch pages there is like a quick "pop up" for lack of a better term that comes up and disappears in a second. It's a tad annoying.

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Oh and a delete button for double posts would be great too.

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Thanks, we'll look into it Smile

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One feature I forgot to mention is the updated user profiles. Much sleeker design for everyone, where you can put your favorite team, movies, TV shows, music, etc, a profile picture (like my beautiful CoCo picture), see your own (and others) comment contributions on the right panel, your active discussions, and for bloggers, their latest posts on the top. Soon they'll also have twitter feeds and you can contact both users and bloggers!


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Version 3 is awesome you guys have done a great job!