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Russ Havens is the owner and operator of, a great community where you can view, upload and discuss ticket stubs from any kind of event, a ticket stub museum, if you will.

We all go to sporting events, concerts, even movies, and one way to remember our experience is by the remainder of the ticket you used to enter said events. Russ's website allows you to relive those experiences digitally. And he has no shortage of stubs relating to the favorite topic of the average TCL reader, and that is of course hockey.

In the newest partnership between Ticket Stub Collection and The Checking Line, Russ Havens has been kind enough to showcase several of these ticket stubs, specifically relating to the Montreal Canadiens (and no, I'm not only posting this to show how awesome the Habs are!). Please welcome Russ as a contributor and friend to TCL and share your own ticket stubs on his website!


If there's one aspect of ticket stubs I like, it's when the visiting team gets a visual shout out on the ticket. Many teams use generic type when displaying a team's opponent. More aesthetically aware teams will feature the logo of the visiting team.

But one team stands out as the king of opponent props: The Montreal Canadiens.

The Habs have done some great stuff with their season seat ticket designs. For the 1987/88 season, Montreal tickets featured an artists rendering of a play at the net, with a Canadien winger squared up against a goalie from the opposing team that night:

So they went to the trouble of arranging twenty illustrations for the tickets that year. Impressive! Eleven years later, they did it again, but with overhead photography from previous tilts:

No one does it like the Montreal Canadiens. Their way with ticket stubs and illustrations lives on to this very day. Either way, I'd like to see more of this done in Sports Ticketing.


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