Confirmed : Ponikarovski for Caputi and Skoula

UPDATE: TSN and Bob McKenzie are reporting that Ponikarovski to the pens for Luca Caputi and Martin Skoula is a done deal pending the trade call to the NHL. Skoula might be flipped tomorrow before the deadline, and Caputi could play for the Leafs as soon as possible.

Bob McKenzie and TSN are reporting that a deal could be in place between Toronto and Pittsburgh this evening. The deal with send Alexei Ponikarovski to the Pens in exchange for 21 year old forward Luca Caputi.

The deal would be pending contract movement from the Penguins, who have to make cap space for Ponikarovski's $2.1 million yearly cap hit, as Caputi is in the minors.

Stay tuned to this thread, which will be updated with breaking details of the trade.