Another Ovechkin Incident

AO hits Kaleta from behind, taking both himself and the Sabres player out of the game.

Another game, another hitting from behind incident. Is this the one that gets AO suspended, finally? He's already been fined this season, and the maximum fine of $2,500 isn't going to teach the $9.5 million player any lessons. Considering there have been many incidents before with Oveckin, superstar or not, he needs to be punished. And with Colin Campbell giving out two suspensions this week for hits that weren't nearly as bad (regardless of how long the players that Laraque and Briere hit are out for), you have to imagine that non-action from the league would be fairly devastating to their reputation.

Ovechkin is in a position where he can do whatever he wants and no one's going to do anything about it. As good as he is, he's the school bully that no one stands up too, and he knows this. Campbell, it's time for you to take him off his pedastal and teach him a lesson. But do you have the gall to stand up to the bully?


Official penalty count for AO last night:

5 minutes for boarding and a game misconduct (10 minutes, automatic ejection) that removed him from the game at 3:38 of the third period. I would imagine it's an automatic review from the league. But should he be suspended?

You be the judge.

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