Adversity… It’s what’s for dinner

So the biggest worry the Kings had before they faced against Colorado was another let down against a team they should beat. So they came thought with a solid 60 minutes took home the two points they had to take, and all was well. Well not really.

This has been a nightmare week on the injury front for the Kings. First they lose 2nd leading team scorer Justin Williams. Then today they lose Franchise Center Anze Kopitar for a MINIMUM of 6 weeks. Ouch, ouch and more ouch. So lets take a quick Kopitar role call

Who is the Kings best defensive player? …Kopitar!

Who is the Kings best Offensive Player? ... Kopitar!

So I will choose to not cry in my milk. We need him. We need him bad but it truly is was it is. Its time for guys to step up, the system is going to have to be tweaked. There is no call up that will help, you lose Kopitar you lose a player that simply cannot be replaced. The sooner the Kings learn this the better they are going to be.

Who will fill his spot? Really no one will, the kings will simply have at least 2 new line combination's. So will this be the end? Will the recent return of the curse of Jason Allison mean there is no hope? I say no, the system is based on defense; the kings play in tight games and are not afraid to go the distance with any team. This is going to show what our players are made off.

What I found really interesting was right after Kopi went down; Ryan Smyth seemed shot out of a cannon. It is no small secret that Smyth has made a career out of being a leader and a very reliable player. It is going to take every player in the line up to get this done. So boys don’t mourn about it, get your hard hats on and now embrace your new role as western Conference under dogs.

7 games left, 14 points up for grabs, the world is raining shit on you…. how will you respond? It’s either going to do down as a great story or a horrible tragedy. We shall see my friends.

Aaron Green
“ Don’t Forget your towel; It’s a tuff universe out there”
Douglas Adams
Sources: Tobin Spirit Guide, Fox sports net west.


George Prax's picture

I don't know if it could get much worse for the Kings this year. At least they have Quick, like you talked about in your last post. And the Kings are still super deep at pretty much every position lol. Kind of helps to ease the pain.