The home stretch! 13 Games to go!

The next 13 games are going to be fun. It has been well documented that the Western Conference is tighter than my waist line trying to fit into an old pair of jeans. Win stay alive, lose and you may be on the pre-registration list for the next charity golf tournament. What can you possibly predict when you have 13 competitive teams in a 15 team conference? Yes some teams are fading a bit, but in reality a late season run or a late season slump can change that landscape drastically.

For a Fan of the Los Angeles Kings it feels a little unfair. We wait for over 10 years for a team worth "hoping” for and the whole conference goes bat crazy. On the upside I have never had so much fun being a fan, Every game is 2 points that is a “must win”. My wife thinks I am crazy because for over 3 weeks I tell her every game is the biggest game this season. So here are my keys for the Kings making it to the second season.

Jonathan Quick: Quickie is by far the MVP of the season for the Kings. Can you imagine where we would be without him? Fact is this team will only go as far as he will take them. This is why this team has been so up and down. We will only go as far as Quick will take us. This from my point of view is a good spot to be in. He is the only Goalie in franchise history to win 30 games in back to back seasons. He can flat out win games by himself. BUT from time to time MR. Softie likes to take over his crease. If I had to bet on the goal tending I would consider this to be an advantage in the conference. He does not get as much press as Roberto Loungo or other Goaltenders .Watch the kid play. He is as good as any net minder in the league.

Kopitar/Penner/Williams: The biggest issue with the kings this season was the lack of a real top line. With over 650 players trying to play on Kopitar’s left wing, Dean Lombardi got out the check book and Acquired Dustin Penner. The newly formed top line has played very well and seems to click a little more every shift. If the kings are going to make it this line has to be the best line every night. The key is going to be Justin William’s; he needs to get back to scoring goals like he was early in the season.

Power Play: For me this is the biggest head scratcher of the year. How does a team that has Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson on the point have such a predictable power play. Sometimes I wish they could just decline the penalty like in the NFL. Sometimes it’s been that bad. Whatever reason they better get it fixed!

Team Scoring: The Kings are a Defense First team, and they should be with great goaltending and a deep blue line. The problem is after their top two lines they really struggle getting pucks in the net. The third and fourth lines need to chip in.

Well fellow puck heads what did I miss? No matter what it’s going to go down to the last game.

Aaron Green
“Don’t forget your towel; it’s a tuff universe out there”
Douglass Adams


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Welcome to the team Aaron! Great blog. looking forward to your contributions and your kings perspective.

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Hey Aaron ... keep the Anze updates coming...I have a feeling it's either the Kings or the Flames that get in!

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Flames have no games in hand , who knows everynight it changes. The home and home to end the season with the ducks is going to be crazy. I better stock up on pepto!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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Ok Green....I expect you to call it like you see it!! No getting soft here....

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No worries I am a life time kings fan I have PTSD of the NHL.

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Well...I joined....Thanks for the Email Greener...Good to see you again!

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Thanks Kinglove Spread the word, Im back in the saddle! thank you for reading.