Kings decide to take a night off, play worst game of the season

What can I say? Last night I sat and watched a team that looked nothing like the team that just won four games in a row. At one point they were being outshot 30 to 6. The Blues came into out house and treated us like a annoying little brother. We were terrible. Jonathan Quick played lights out, until giving up a 90-foot shot. It’s pretty bad when one of the best goaltenders in the world gives up a goal from the other side of the 101 freeways.

This is what I was afraid of with how we played in Nashville. Only it was completely worse than anything I could have expected. I hope the kings offer refunds to all fans in attendance. The Kings never showed up to work. Game is not even worth a re-cap, I already used the bathroom this morning and that about describes it.

Moving on……………..

Kings have to shake this off. On this home stand this was a game where they really needed the 2 points. Now for the rest of the home stand they face opponents that will directly affect the playoff picture for the Kings and all the Western Conference. The kings will play Anaheim, Calgary, San Jose, and Colorado on this home stand. The kings need to be aggressive.

The Kings are known as a defensive team, they better start figuring out the offense. Again its just one game and when you play 82 games a year one or two are going to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Let’s hope this is just another wake up call for the young Kings. The next bout against our cross-town rivals the Ducks is going to be huge. We can’t give a team below us in the division the 2 points. We will have to wait and see.

PS: Terry Murray, Fans who pay $105 to see a game are allowed to boo the product. Get over it and if your boys get back to the hockey we have seen most the year you will hear support. Haven’t you ever seen a game in Canada?

Per Rich Hammond, LA Kings

Question: Was that one of the more disappointing games in recent memory?

MURRAY: “You know what the most disappointing, frustrating thing was? At the end of the second period, we were booed off the ice by our fans. That is the most embarrassing thing I have ever been through. That’s the worst I’ve ever been through, in all the years I’ve been coaching. I’ve been behind the bench almost 3,000 hockey games in the NHL, and booed off the ice by your own fans at the end of the second period, here after this road trip, going 4-0 in hard places, very disappointing.”

Kings wake up, this is no time to lose momentum. 11 games left, 22 points up for grabs, and a chance at home ice advantage is all at stake. In this Conference you blink you die.

Aaron Green
“ Don’t forget your towel; it’s a tuff universe out there”
Douglas Adams.

Sources: Rich Hammond, AP, NHL game center, Cheetos, Crystal Pepsi


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lol, wow, he complained about the fans booing? Seriously needs to get over himself. It's part of the game and instead of bitching about the fans, how about he starts coaching his team probably and win games? I can't say whether the booing or justified or not but there's an easy way to remedy that - don't play like shit.

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Terry Murray had to be just really pissed off. He never pops off at the mouth like that. Still your team plays like crap and you call out fans??? Okay buddy. Everyone get one. LOL