Kings keep finding ways to win. Jonathan Quick should be in the mix for MVP

The Kings would love the shoot out format to carry over into the playoffs. Should the Kings continue into the playoffs, there success in the shoot out is going to be a huge reason they make the second season. Personally I don’t like the shoot out, but its here to stay and the kings have the best shootout player in the world. Jonathan Quick is not only good; he is dominant at the shootout he makes even the best second guess there shot. Sometimes it’s just not fair for the other team.

The Kings have gotten a 5 out of a possible 6 points in their last three games. The reason is simple; Jonathan Quick is the most valuable player in the NHL to his team. That is what the award is. I know there are a lot of great players out there. Honestly can you tell me who is more important than Quickie to his club? My humble homer opinion says there is no one. If the Kings did not have Quick they would not be in the playoff mix. Bottom line he is my pick for MVP. If he played in the Eastern Conference he would be talked about in the same light I am putting him in.

How the Kings keep on getting points is a mystery, every night I wonder which version of the Kings will show up. Offense is really hard to come by for this group; the loss of Justin Williams is a big blow to a team already offensively challenged. Oscar Moller was called up from Manchester to fill the role left by often-injured Williams. In his first game on the top line I give him high marks. Moller has the high-end talent but has always struggled with his size. This is his best chance to make the NHL as a full time player. I hope he sticks, the kings need players that have the knack for scoring and Moller fits that bill.

Overall the Kings Keep winning with a chocking defense and a very good penalty kill. I still think if at some point if the team gets their offensive game on track they can be scary. The Reason the King’s win is hart, they never give up, they battle and they play together. In the last two years Terry Murray has commented on the fact that the kings locker room is the closet he has seen in his coaching career. They are young they are hungry and they play for each other.

Bottom line is they are in the playoffs as of today, they keep winning and even thought it is usually not winning pretty there are still getting the points. 8 games left 16 points up for grabs and mostly every game being against a divisional rival. Hope you are all having as much fun as I am this season. The western Conference has just been nutty all season.

Greenkings Player trends.
Quick: Sometimes I think he is not human (unless he try’s to handle the puck)
Jarret Stoll : The man in the shoot out, he has scored in 7 straight.
Ryan Smyth: Is he hurt? His play in the last 25 games in simply not good enough. He really need to step up.
Alec Martinez: He has been a great find for the blue line and I hope he sticks, good on both sides and can chip in the odd goal.

Aaron Green
“Don’t forget your towel; it’s a tuff universe out there”
Douglass Adams

Sources:, Fox Sports West, NHL Network.


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I don't see enough of Quick to make a completely valid assessment, but I do think he's an amazing goalie and at the beginning of the season I believed in him when a lot of people out here didn't. But good enough for the Hart? I dunno. Daniel Sedin is a lock to get nominated, and I don't think there will be more than one goalie, and that's Carey Price at the moment. We both sound like homers, lol, but Price's stats are nearly all hovering close to franchise records (think about the ridiculousness of Price setting franchise records on THIS team, with the goalies that have come through here in 100 years), he's near the top of the league in a lot of those stats and the Canadiens have half their normal defense out, including their top two. The team relies on Price EVERY game. I think Price gets the nomination over Quick.

It'll be:


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Price???? your a homer LOL j/k