Kings need to stop having a case of the Blues

For whatever reason when the Kings play St. Louis it has not been a happy ending in the last 6 games. The Kings have a 0-5-1 Record in that span. Simply put, they own us. How will the club respond, after a 4 game sweep on the road?

This is a must win for two reasons. 1. Kings have to beat teams that are beneath them. St. Louis is 1 Game above .500 and not going to make the playoffs this year. 2. They have to prove that they can beat teams that come at you with a ton of speed. The Kings against Nashville had a pathetic 18 shots on goal. If they think that getting that kind of offensive production is going to cut it there dead wrong. The NHL is such a competitive league especially in the west, that no team is a pushover. Can the Kings end their misery against the Blues? We shall see.

Greenking’s Key’s to the game.
1. The Kings need to take the game in the first period, if there is a repeat of the first 10 minutes in Nashville it will be an uphill battle.

2. Smyth/Stoll/Brown: This line has to get going, without Justin Williams they have slumped greatly. Brownie needs to fill that void.

3. Goaltending: This is the classic “trap game”. The first home game after being on the road, if the Kings come out flat our goaltenders need to be ready.

GO KINGS!!!!!! Let’s make it five in a row.

Aaron Green


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no soft goals by Quick and no b/s turnovers by jj or drew and we should be fine.

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Great job calling this one Greenie...played out just like you posted...I'd accuse you of having seen this game before you blogged....I was at this pathetic event. Total TRAP GAME....remember, call it like you see it!!!