Avery’s Antics Are His Undoing

Something bad is going to happen to Sean Avery. It might not be the next time the New Jersey Devils play the New York Rangers, it might not be later in the season. Heck, it might not even happen this season. But one day, something bad is going to happen to Sean Avery.

This is not groundbreaking; I think every hockey fan with knowledge about Sean Avery can see it coming. Last night's game just reinforced to me that Avery will eventually have something bad done to him.

His game is simple: Antagonize opponents and get them to take stupid penalties. He plays his ‘game’ well. He was in mid-season form last night in the final pre-season meeting between the Devils and Rangers. In case you missed it, here it is in its’ entirety. He had Kovalchuk and Clarkson pretty riled up, as you can see.

I could get into the feud between Avery and the Devils in detail, or I could talk about how Kovalchuk shouldn’t be dropping the mitts with any kind of regularity. But I won’t. I’d much rather talk about what I think is going to happen to Mr. Avery. I’m genuinely concerned about his health, you see.

Genuinely concerned.

Okay, maybe not. I’d love to see Avery get creamed just as much as the next person, but I don’t think it has to happen. Avery is a good hockey player, that’s what makes him so successful. He can fight, he can hit, and he even has decent goal-scoring ability. But he chooses not to fight, for some reason. He’d much rather get under somebody’s skin to the point where they want to fight him, but he’ll skate away. That’s much worse, for the sole reason that it only makes people hate him more.

They hate him to the point where they know he won’t fight (as per David Clarkson after the game “I knew he wasn’t going to fight me”) so they have to find other ways in which to hurt him.

That leads to the simple question, which would you rather receive?

A. A punch to the face. Or two.
B. A knee-on-knee hit.
C. A devastating hit when you are caught with your head down.
D. A check from behind into the boards.

Most people choose ‘A’ when having to answer for their actions. Not Avery. He persists to not fight. That is a very confusing decision, but I can’t speak for him.

He’s off the hook for now, but I guarantee something is going to happen to him. At any given moment in the game of hockey there are five people on the ice looking to kill you. Sean Avery chooses to agitate those people even more so. Sometimes he even branches out to the 6th man on the ice, so it’s really only a matter of time before it happens. For now I’ll just sit back, laugh at Avery’s antics, and wait for ‘it,’ whatever ‘it’ is, to happen.

Oh yeah, and Avery really does need to zip it.

Greg Balloch


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I can definitely see your point, but I'm not sure if I agree that something bad is going to happen to him. With the NHL coming down hard on bad hits these days, I don't think someone is going to intentionally try and hurt him, because that's kind of what he wants. He wants people to go after him so they go to the box and his team has a powerplay. One day someone is likely just going to drop the gloves and start wailing on him whether he likes it or not, but, again, that's exactly what he wants. He wants the other guy to take the instigator, and he doesn't care if he takes a couple of shots to the face.

What he does is annoying, but no more annoying than any other pest (Steve Ott, Chris Neil, etc) in the league, and really not nearly as bad as some of the cheap-shot artists like Carcillo or Cookie. He's just doing what he thinks is his best contribution to his team. On the Rangers, it works. It didn't on the Stars because the players didn't agree with his style of play, and that's ok. But he isn't hurting the Rangers and even if he gets hit from behind or assaulted in a fight it won't hurt his team.

Whether something "bad" is going to happen to him, I'm not certain though. It hasn't happened yet, and he's been in the league a long time and said a lot of nasty things about a lot of different players. And with the NHL getting serious about cheap shots, and turnover on teams at an all time high, I'm not sure if it's ever going to happen.

Avery is smarter than we give him credit for.

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I would agree with this article, Someone is going to set avery straight im sure, whether its a veteran or some up and comer who wants to make a impact. He definately deserves it no doubt about that.

Dont think someone will do something so stupid as a matt cooke to him or a ovechkin and slue foot the guy.
But the more you piss people off the more likely they are to remember you, So maybe next time they have the chance to hit you the shoulder comes up a little or a few extra strides are taken. Maybe you take a shot after the play to the face, maybe people chop you like a oak tree. Or maybe you end up without a contract because no one in the NHL wants you on their team since your such a disgrace.

One of these days a big time fighter is going to grab him and pummel the shit out of him even after he turtles.

I also agree he is a good enough player he doesnt need to do stupid shit like that, leave that stupid shit to maxim lapierre.

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Kovalchuk and Avery go way back to Atlanta vs NYR in the playoffs a few years ago. Kovalchuk was furious at Avery.

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Tried my best to not sound like a frustrated Devils fan, or a typical Avery-hater. I really do think someone is going to take a healthy run at him one of these days.